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I updated to iOS5 with no problem. Sent one iMessage to a friend who also has an iPhone. I then started to set the phone back up like I had it before the upgrade. I did not hear back form my friend after the first iMessage.


Fast forward to today at work, he informs me that I am able to set a different tone for incoming texts/iMessages but he notices that my "Send" button isn't blue, but green. We go to Settings>Messages and notice that iMessage was switched off, we switch on, go back to Messages and try to send him an iMessage and again "Send" is green not blue. We go back to Settings>Messages and it switches itself from on to off.


I go to the Apple store nearby. The Genius has me reset settings, which I do. The "Send" button is blue, not green. I send another iMessage to my friend. I go home, and set the phone back up again and then notice that the "Send" is again green not blue.


After 15-20 minutes playing around I discover the following:


iMessage stopped working last night after I did the following: Settings>General>Restrictions and turned off FaceTime. For some reason this logged me out of iMessage. I had to turn FaceTime back on and wait for iMessage to reverify.


I have been able to duplicate this problem 5 times. If I turn FaceTime off, it disables iMessage.


I just wanted to put this out there for anybody that might be having the same problems.