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    Copy a standard Numbers '09 document (e.g. doc.numbers) from your Mac into the "Library/Mobile\ Documents/com~apple~Numbers/Documents/" folder. It should appear in and in Numbers on your iPad shortly afterwards. If not, you have to fix that first: check your sync settings and the apple id used.

  • Thomas Grugle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep - works like a charm. But this was not a mobile document, it was a regular spreadsheet.

  • gvde Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thomas Grugle wrote:


    Yep - works like a charm. But this was not a mobile document, it was a regular spreadsheet.

    O.K. Now take one of the documents folders (with the ending -tef) out of the "Library/Mobile Documents.delete.<date>/com~apple~Numbers/Documents/" and copy the whole folder into "Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Numbers/Documents/".


    How do you copy the folder? Using Finder or a Terminal window?


    What files does the folder contain?


    Rename the folder removing the ending -tef, e.g. from test.numbers-tef to test.numbers. After you change the name a document should appear in and on your iPad. You can't open it, yet, but it should appear just like the standard Numbers'09 document appeared before.


    Once it appears, rename the folder back to "test.numbers-tef". Wait again to let it sync. Now you should be able to open the document on your iPad.


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    Apple has released the update 5.0.1.

    It says that it will resolve problem with document in the cloud.


    I hope that realy cleard this problem, dos any one still has problems?

  • Wilson J. Cruz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No it doesn't. My docs won't go to the cloud and backwards

  • DeHub Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I do already have problems with 5.0.1, too. After the upgrade I did a upload of 5 docs on the ipad. A half hour later my ipad reports, that there isn't any doc in the cloud. When I open I'm able to see the documents

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    Mine is still problematic as well. I have a Macbook, iMac, Iphone and Ipad, and obviously, they are not syncing. I hope Mac will fix the problem very soon!

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    Good news!


    As those of you who've read the entire thread know, I lost all my documents in the cloud. I had backups, as you all should, but nevertheless it's always deeply disturbing to lose faith in a system.


    I upgraded to iOS 5.01 and connected everything to iCloud again (iPad, iPhone and MacBookPro)


    Lo and behold: after some time a new folder appeared in Pages on my iPhone: "Recovered files" It contained all the lost documents. They did not have the correct title, but they were there.


    I hope all of you have the same luck.

  • Wilson J. Cruz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I didn't get this folder.

    You found it on Pages?

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    I've upgraded both my iPad and iPhone to 5.01. I only have Numbers. The 'recovered files' folder appeared on the iPhone in Numbers but not the iPad. So I emailed the spreadsheets to myself and saved them in Numbers on the iPad. This seems to have done the trick and they have now appeared back in as well. Fingers crossed that's the problem sorted.

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    Note: if the documents were in old iWork's (before ios5) then take an old file, change the name to the "lost" file name and let it sync. Then copy the "lost" file to this newly synced file. It will again sync and the "lost" shows up on the iPad and can be opened. I recovered all my lost files, but this is a cumbersome procedure.

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    After I had the same problem as you, I searched for a solution to get my documents back. And I found one!!! This evening I recovered all of my documents.

    How to do?

    First: You can only do that if you did use "icloud documents sync" also on your Mac (don't know if the windows variant also works) before icloud deleted your documents.

    My example shows the way with numbers documents:

    1. Watch at your mac for the folder /user/library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~numbers/documents. You should find some folders like myDocumentsName.numbers-tef. Take care with this! These are your lost documents. Copy the folders to another directory (save it).


    2. Then you need a document in old numbers style (like the ...numbers-tef folders). I had that on my iDisk. So I used my ipad to recover the document from the iDisk to ios numbers. (it‘s totally equal if that is the correct document or not. You only need a document in old style in numbers ios).

    3. Rename that document within ios numbers to the name of a document you lost.

    4. After you renamed the document in ios numbers it gets uploaded to the icloud. Then you will see it at and a few minutes later it gets synced into the com~apple~numbers folders on your mac.


    5. replace the document you find there with the document you saved before out of that folder and wait until that change gets synced in the icloud.

    TADA now your ios devices will update its document and you will have your old documents back.

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    I found a pretty "duhh" solution! Unfortunately I have several Apple IDs. To start and test iCloud I made another,  new account. As it appeared this was the account that my initial pages and numbers documents were saved to (or under). After  while trying out iCloud I decided to go back to my regular account and signed on to that one on my iPads and iPhones. Then tried to search for my documents and ... gone! Of course if you sign on to the initial and correct account, they magically appear again. I just downloaded them to my Mac and redistribited them to my regular iWorks account. And then ... finally ... I got it working!

  • bryanfromhemel hempstead Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi There seems to be a fundemental issue with Icloud if you have more than one apple ID  I have had an apple ID for years with my office based email.  When I bought a Mac book pro I also got a account.  so I have one email address for my iphone and ipad but all my apps were purchased on my original ID.  You cannot merge two accounts.  So the technicians at apple said no problem, use .me for e-mails and dont sync anything else then use your other ID on all equipment as the main icloud account and sync everything except mail.  They were so helpful they migrated my .me account to icloud whilst oion the apple store and made sure the settingls on my iphone were correct.  THEN !!!!!!

    I went home, turned on my Ipad needed to input some data on Numbers, it loded up a brief message went over all my docs saying "you'r not using Icloud and all my docs dissapeared!  lots of work gone.  Also I cant use numbers because everytime I load it the circular icon revolves showing it is loading, but what and from where.


    This on top of all my data lost when I updated to IOS5 on the phone because it would not reload the back up it came up with error 50


    I'm not impressed, I used to rely on the Ipad and Iphone but Ive lost a great deal of work and the back-ups dont seem to work!


    Any help or suggestions would be very gratefully received

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    Your files are not lost. They are on your Mac. Go to library/mobile/document. They are in the deleted file folder.

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