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  • SRASC Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Like after I said that it started again. 5 emails came & I was not notified of any. Sigh. Was wondering if anyone could help me out though with some other issues I have been having with iCloud. Check here. Thanks.

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    One question out there to anyone else who has called Apple Support: has anyone gotten a firm answer one way or the other? I'd really like to hear from folks who have an open case or had the case resolved in some fashion (even if it was ineffectively).


    Same problem as everyone above. I've tried creating a new iCloud account as rerunvp mentioned and spent over 3 hours on the phone with Apple Support... I'm getting different answers each time I call, so I'm hoping maybe someone will come across a good answer (even if it is something server side that can't be fixed, I'd rather know that and stop searching to try to solve it myself).

  • elmac Level 5 (4,230 points)

    Hi, what I did was:- Close ALL Apps via double click->Home Button. Reboot

    Log Out/In on the Main iCloud webpage..

    Leave my iPhone settings - PUSH every 15minutes..Check ALL your settings..

    Sent myself an email from a third party (GMail account) it arrived immediately..after that I DO NOT close MAIL

    via the Home far it has works flawlessly for the last 3 weeks..

    A reboot on the iPhone & an email from a third party like GMail cleared the issue once again on my wifeys iPhone4..

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    This makes no sense. "Push" has no time interval, but is an "as received" feature, which is what we want from "Push." It is "Fetch" that has an interval. You have essentially turned off PUSH and switched to FETCH which is what most of us end up doing.


    I have just turned off Push for my iCloud e-mail and set "Fetch" to 15 minutes. It's not the same, but it's the best we're going to get.

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    my problem is not with icloud mail as i do not have an account, it is with the mail app full stop.


    been stuck since the early hours and now not getting any notifications or emails coming thru.


    Can see the emails in their relevant apps.


    Sent an email to my other account from my iphone but no joy... stucking on "refreshing/fetching/downloading" screen all day no matter how many reboots in do or whatever settings i change.


    deleted my gmail account and tried to add it back... stuck again!

  • elmac Level 5 (4,230 points)

    As things stand, "get bys" are the best at this time...I did NOT say that what I did was a FIX..just a "GetBy"

    I'm sure Apple have it on their TODO list. Until then as all AppleFanz, we must be patient...Prior to iCloud all my Mac's, iPhones & iPads worked flawlessly, thereafter it's a whole lot of hit-N-miss or whatever you want to call it""

    -> Apple:- Get it together p l e a s e...

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    I haven't read through all 19 pages of this thread so forgive me if somone else has already posted this, but I've found something of interest...


    I'm starting to think that is a problem with the Mail app and/or iOS 5, not Apple's servers.  I have email being pushed to my iPhone from both iCloud and my work Exchange server.  They both stop working at the same time, neither will push and I have to open the Mail app for anything new to show up.  What's interesting is that if I pull up the background apps and remove Mail from the list, push starts working immediately and works great from both iCloud and Exchange for several days, then it stops.  The only way to get it going again is to once again pull up the background apps and remove Mail.  I've tested this several times, sending myself email from different accounts and each time this was the temporary fix.  Just thought I'd throw this out there.



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    For some unknown reason I was having a similar issue but by deleting all mail accounts and re-adding them seemed to resolve the prob... And / or the Apple servers started to work again...

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    Ggarthe is on it.


    Mail app is crashing preventing pushed emails. To test this theory, double click home, close mail app and within seconds, emails will be pushed if sitting on the server.

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    Just adding my name to this thread so Apple can see my disgust! I have also added to other similar threads.


    I have a iPad 2, with all the same issue with mail that you all have had, but with Yahoo mail accounts. It worked fine on ios4, but after the upgrade I have had no push notifications at all, I only get my mail by opening the app and checking. I have tried all the fixes, and I am lucky if I get push notification for a few minutes. My iPhone 3G has no issues with the same mail accounts.


    It is ridiculous to me (and others it appears), that this is a rampant problem that Apple refuses to address. I purchased this $700 piece of equipment to do daily business on, but right now it is just a $700 POS!!!


    Keep posting, and just maybe someone will hear us!

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    Ok, i havent read all 19 pages of this thread, and I haven't done too much in depth troubleshooting


    That said: I've noticed mail pushes to my iPAD, but not to my iPHONE.

    Settings are identical on the two as far as I can tell.


    So it's not that it can't work...

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    Seemed to have figured out my prob... And it's with iCloud.


    If I don't have it enabled then all works fine. When iCloud is enabled, it initially works fine but when I try to turn a feature off, it crashes and keeps stuck in the circle and when settings are checked, the mail, calendar and contacts tab is greyed out.


    I have had to restore my phone; fortunately I had only updated a week or so ago so didnt lose much data


    So... iCloud staying turned off.

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    Ok-is everyone convinced this is an iCloud issue?  I am still having the same problems, but it's with yahoo email not getting pushed.  I bought the 4S when it became available in October, and at that time created an iCloud account.  Since then, I have had the push notification not working issues.  Like just about everyone else here, I've tried everything I can think of.  I set up my daughters Yahoo mail account on my phone (she does not have an iCloud account), but as soon as push stops working for my Yahoo account, it doesn't push for hers either (on my 4S), however, it pushes just fine on her 3gS, and also my husbands 4.  I have since set up iCloud accounts on both of their iPhones (3G & 4), and their Yahoo mail continues to push just fine.  I've even deleted iCloud from my phone last night, and sometime around 1am, my mail (Yahoo) stopped pushing once again.  But it pushes just fine if I set it up on either my daughters 3G or husbands 4.  This has been going on for over 3 months now, and is completely unacceptable!!!

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    Over the weekend I spent some time working through my iPad 2 to try and resolve this issue, not sure if I have a permanent fix, but I have now had push notification to my iPad 2 from Yahoo for 2 full days.


    First I noticed that on my 3 Yahoo accounts ( not really Yahoo, but AT&T setup through Yahoo), had smtp server settings for Other servers set to Off. I never had touched these before, but I thought what the heck!


    So, in my iCloud settings, I went to the smtp servers for other servers, and made sure all of my account servers were set and On


    I also went to each of my yahoo accounts and made sure all of the accounts smtp servers were listed and set to On.


    So for 3 account, plus the iCloud account, there are 3 listed smtp servers set to On for Other Smtp servers.


    I rebooted the iPad 2, and each time after using Mail, I double click the Home key and make sure that I exit the Mail app completely.


    As stated, I now have push notifications from all of my accounts for 2 full days, even in sleep or lock screen mode.


    I am keeping fingers crossed now.


    Apple, I hope this can guide you to a solution!


    Good Luck all, and let me know if this helps anyone.

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    Hi guys...


    I already posted this on another thread but the the solution explanation from Apple is really interesting:


    I am having the same issue the last 3-4 days... Push stopped working totally on my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.0.1) and not working properly on my iPad2 (iOS 5.0.1).


    After completing the workarounds described in the FAQ/troubleshooting of iCloud (turning on and off mail, push settings, rebooting the devices several times, deleting and reentering the details of my iCloud account, even restoring both devices from an older backup that push was working back then) the only thing I managed to do was to make push mail in my iPad similar to my iPhone... i.e. not working completely!


    So today I decided to call the fast lane support here in Germany and they said the following amazing (and hard to believe) thing: iCloud Push Mail notifications service is cancelled for the time being so they suggest to start using fetch!!!


    I have the notion that they were trying to get rid of me but still does anyone has heard anything similar?