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    I agree this suck! I love my iPhone 4s but what the heck is going on with push system? If I own Apple I would not release something that isn't working right! Anyway I am curious if any one of you have tried using a mail notification app called Boxcar? It works pretty good for me with about 30 seconds delivery time when sending from a 3rd party email account.


    Nonetheless I am still waiting for it to improve! Same with custom vibration...a Genius at Apple store couldn't figure out why it doesn't work with emails and texts. We finally found out from that custom vibration works ONLY with FaceTime (!). I am genuinely disappointed with this no-sense logic as I rely on vibration exclusively.


    I hope a Jobs-less Apple does not mean end of Apple!

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    The solution for push problems has already been posted in this thread.  The Mail app freezes while running in the background (or whatever you want to call it).  Double click on your home button, find the Mail app, push and hold on it until the icons start to jiggle, tap the red minus sign on the Mail app to remove it from the background memory, then hit the home button again.  Push email will then work until the Mail app freezes again.  I've made it a habbit to clear out my background memory once or twice a week and since doing so have had no problems with push email. Hopefully this will be fixed with iOS 5.1.



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    happening again, updated to ios 5.1 last night and now i'm getting sporadic emails on my 4S

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    I updated my iPad2 to ios5.1 yesterday, and I purposely have left the email app open now instead of using the fix of closing it every time. I have been receiving emails pushed to my accounts all day with no issues at this time.


    I hope it sticks, but if not I will post back here.

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    Just checking in...


    Day 2 after the 5.1 update. All 3 AT&T email accounts and my .me account are still pushing. iCal pushing notifications fine also. Just ran a test to all devices; Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Sent an email to all addresses - all emails were received on all devices within 15 seconds. All devices were in sleep mode.


    So far, so good - but I do hope everyone can find resolve very soon!

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    For those who still aren't seeing a change for the better with battery life or email pushing. The first choice would be a hard reset. Hold the home button and the sleep wake button down until you get the silver apple, holding it still past the slide to power off screen. It will restart itself. Then reset network settings. Note this will kill your wifi passwords stored. So know those first.

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    This might be a solution for some:   For the last few years my gmail account was set to "forward" all incomming emails to my account and then delete them on the gmail.  However, in parallel, I also had that same gmail address on set up on my apple mail in addition to the regular icloud account.  I believe this may be a common setup with the users having issues:  An outside mail program forwarding the emails to my email while your apple mail is also trying to provide this same service.  I simply left the gmail forwarding service as is and then "deleted" the gmail account from the apple mail program.  I hope this removed a conflict that others may have.  Everything is working great and both my and gmail emails are pushing through to all my devices just fine.

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    Mine worked well for about a week. Now my battery and email are back to doing their thing. I had the phone replaced and it was ok for a few days. I gave up on .me and just went exchange gmail forwarding my .me email to my gmail account. Pushes without issue flawlessly.

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    Does your iPhone email push? Here's my problem.  What's yours? oud

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    Good idea, anduare, and it works for receiving mail, but the downside is, if you delete the other accounts from your device you cannot sent mail via these accounts from your device, you can only sent from your iCloud mail. Not optimal. I just use fetch every 15 min, this is really fast enough

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    I have gmail forwarding to iCloud but I only keep the iCloud account on my devices. Push isn't working for me. Yes, if I close the app and reopen it, it starts to work again for a brief amount of time then just stops.

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    For the past week since the new 5.1 software update, my iPhone 4S does not push email to my account only during the overnight and very early morning hours. T

    So first thing in the morning it shows no emails but, after touching my email icon, loads all my emails that have been sent time dated from after 12 mindnight during the very early am hours. 

    For example, this morning at 8am it showed no emails or notifications but, after touching my email icon 10 emails loaded time dated from 2:48am, 4:38am, 5:19am, 6:12am, 6:30am, etc. etc. you get the picture.

    Push then seems to work the rest of the day and night but, then not during the overnight and first thing in the morning.   Very wierd?

    It used to not work 90% of the time and work sporadically 10% of the time.

    So it's better for the past week but, still not working properly all the time.

    Apple customer service tech and their engineers have not been able to correct this push problem since the first day I got my new 4S on Oct. 14, 2011.

    How many other iPhone users are experiencing push problems? 

    Please speak up as then hopefully Apple will take notice and hopefully do something to fix this important problem.

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    Just moved to iCloud after the last email telling me mobileme is about to end.


    I was on IOS 5.01 on iPhone (I think, at least it was a v5 of some level, but not v5.1)


    I noticed email push was not working.  Checked the forums and one suggested to go to v5.1 which I did.


    email push still not working fully.  Sometimes stops.  have to close mail app, then push starts working again - without opening mail app.


    Not happy as I was quite happy that mobileme was working fine.  now moving over to the new and improved iCloud, only to find that one of my most important needs does not fully work.  I remember this when mobileme first started, a silimlar push issue.


    I hope they fix it soon - but also hope that they understand that 5.1 did not fix it if they think it did.

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    Lately I restored my iPhone 4S from the iCloud backup. Since then the push email functionality does not work at my account. I need to load all emails manually.


    One of the main reasons why I started using iCloud email instead of Gmail (where push is not supported by iOS) is now gone.


    Mayby I shouldn't have written it here but I used Gmail on my GalaxyS for something like 1,5 year before I bought the iPhone and such things never happened.


    I hope the iCloud Support Team is about to fix this issue.

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    @TylerNyc1: Yes, exactly the same thing here. I wake up, look at the phone and there's one or no email notifications. I tap the mail app and more download. all time stamped from hours ago. I right pain in the...