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Apple Gurus,


Hoping that you can help with the following situation. I purchased a fully unlocked iPhone4 from the US Apple Store and have been using it while I travel on a myriad of GSM networks thus far without any issue.


I upgraded to iTunes 10.5 two days with no issue and was able to check for updates with it reporting no updates were available then when iOS 5 was released it reported that this update was available. All well and fine. I upgraded to iOS5 successfully without error or issue but since then iTunes will not check for an update, or checks but returns an error as follows:-


"iTunes could not check for an update to the carrier settings for your iPhone. An unknown error occurred (1630). Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later."


I have never received this error before and from my research - of which there seems to be SO much on the net - I believe my issue is as follows:-

- The carrier I am currently using does not sell iPhones and as such does not have a carrier file logded with Apple. The lookup for my carrier is therefore then failing. If this is the case I have no issue up to this point. iTunes though seems to take this as a critical stop point instead of an informational prompt and halts the update check process. I believe iTunes should advise of the missing info and move on as I have entered any relevant info (APN etc.) manually and all services work fine on my iPhone4.


The root of my concern is that one day in the next few months, when an update to iOS5 is released, I will not be able to update due to this faux pas by the iTunes developers.


Can anyone help or advise how I can proceed to resolve the situation? I really do not wish to be generating ipcc files etc. or applying patches/fixes etc. as I would like to maintain my iPhone4 in an unaltered state as much as I possibly can.


Hope you can help



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Same problem here ...iTunes could not check for an update to the carrier settings for your iPhone.  An unknown error occurred (1630). what is this ?????

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    Me too... Same problem.

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    Put your phone in Airplane Mode and check for update again... this will solve the problem... But apple should fix that issue immediately...

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    Thanks Bashar SALEM. I didn't think of that work around but it does indeed work!!!


    Wonder if anyone from Apple will acknowledge or correct the issue.


    For those interested I opened an Apple case for this and after dealing with the first guy who had no clue what I was talking about, put me onto his supervisor who then told me that this is a traffic issue with the number of updates going to Apple systems and that I should "wait a few days and try again" - Shane. I don't believe this is the case, but thus far this is the only response from Apple on this issue.

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    I have the same problem and in addition before the last step after upgrading, the phone asks if I wish to restore from a backup (either from iCloud or iTunes) or I wish to set up as a new phoen. I chose to restore from a iTune backup and after pressing next, i have to connect the phone to iTunes which I did, but nothing happens and after 30 min. Of waiting my iPhone (4) is still in setup mode with the picture which shows the USB cable and iTunes symbol. Please help me i can not use my phone since then.

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    Same problem here.

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    During the upgrade depending on the number of Apps and music/data to restore this can take several hours. In the case of myu 32gb it did take ~3hours to complete but this probably depends on pc speed, usb speed, etc. I would admit as a colleague said that it was "unlike apple" tp not have an appropriate progress bar to advise the user on how long is remaining.


    If this time has passed and you still have issues then suggest you search in the forums for another thread as your issue does not appear applicable to this thread.

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    Thanks Bashar SALEM.it's work ....

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    I have the same problem but also I cannot import photos from my iphone to the iphotos anymore it shows the device on iphoto but does nto import and I have over 30 photos to import.

    Using airline mode enabled me to check for the update.


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    As an update, this solved itself with an iTunes upgrade, so guess somebody listened.