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Can't install iCloud on Windows 7 64 bit system due to iCloud control panel installer only having 32 bit installer for Bonjour

iCloud, Windows 7, 64 bit
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    I understand there has been a good amount of problems with the windows 7 platform (in regard to 64 bit browsers).  I had problems with netflix on a 64 bit browser and found a solution on Microsoft's site.  Here it is and let us know if it works.

    Once in the shortcut menu, you need to type the location of the file you need to open.  Type this


    C:program files (x86) \ Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


    This new browser should work for you.  You can't copy/paste off this (apple) web site, so if it does not work, go to google and type change 64 bit to 32 bit, and the microsoft web link will open up with this infomation and you could copy/paste there.  Let us know if it works, it seems your not alone with this problem.

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    wonze, where do you type in c:program files (x86) \ internet explorer\iexplore.exe?

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    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and have successfully installed the iCloud control panel.  However I cannot log in to my iCloud account, which is another issue alltogether.


    All I did was go the the Apple website, download the iCloud installer and run it on my PC and viola it installed and runs.  But due to something going on in my user account it won't let me log in to my iCloud account.


    Have you tried running the iCloud installer as Administrator as an alternative?

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    I have iCloud installed on Win 7 64 bit.  I set up mail, and do a test and it is successful. To complete I go to the iCloud control panel, check the items I want to synch and synching begins when I press Apply.  The synching appears to be working then suddenly it stops and I get an error message stating the iCloud server quit working. I've never gotten past this point trying many different re-configurations.  iCloud set up on my Mac wonderfully but Win7 and the iPad have been nightmares.  I will also say that the main page iCloud instructions at are ridiculous.  The setup is much more complicated and the instructions are on the website but no direct path is displayed, so you have to search and search and when you find them, follow them, it still doesn't work. The most complicated part of all iCloud installations on multiple devices, Apple and PC, are with mail.

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    I have identified the problem with my 64 bit computer.  Apple software is not compatible with my wireless network card.  It is a Killer Wireless N with Bigfoot Network.  Uninstalling this device will allow me to connect to iCloud.  Reinstalling it disables the Apple software.

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    I had the same results as Terry when I tried to load icloud on my Windows 7 64bit PC.  I check the processes in the Task Manager and the icloud process is a 32bit process.  I am wondering if this could be the problem.  I started a chat with Apple support and they did not seem to have an answer.  Any  ideas??????

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    it does not matter whether the application 32-bit or 64-bit -windows 64 can handle both. You just can't go the other way around ie windows 32bit and run a 64bit application.


    now i'm gonna jide you just a little here:

         you chatted with Apple techies for a Windows problem? Hahahahahahahahaha


    TBH, I am really surprised Apple came out with iCloud for Windows; I suppose they finally realized that their primary fan-base uses Windows OS.


    Lastly, off topic, but is it me or did iTunes get a speed fix? Does not seem to hang up multitasking syncs, adding media, or anything stupid that used to keep it hostage to a single process =)

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    wow, that's odd -and an interesting catch too. How did you manage to deduce your network adapter "was failing" you?

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    okay, i really feel stupid right now having figured out my particular issue.


    A couple of weeks ago I was playing around with disk quotas because my primary partition (C:\) was hovering around 36GBs of 40GB capacity; although I try to utilize the extended partition of 120GB for program installs, it isn't a perfect setup. Regardless, the 1GB quota limit was maxed out from the get go -i thought I had disabled the quota, but somehow it became reactive.


    Quota limits apparently is not reflected in available hard drive space when viewing drive properties, so I thought there should be more than enough room.


    Needless to say, without available any initial hard drive space iCloud installer nor iTunes uninstaller was able to run despite other program's ability to install / uninstall. Perhaps the fallacy is Apple's method of loading installers? They utilize disk space whereas a standard Windows program loads into memory?


    I don't know, but hope it helps...GL

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    Microsoft have come up with a solution


    It's called Microsoft Fixit


    It allowed me to uninstall Bonjour with the standard Control Panel Uninstall could not (I got the same error message as the OP; I also got the same error message when trying to upgrade iTunes to 10.5.3)


    With Bonjour uninstalled using Fixit, I upgraded iTunes successfully, then installed the iCloud Control Panel.


    If you are trying to install new Apple software on your Windows 7 64 bit PC and are getting error messages that suggest a problem with Bonjour - especially ones that imply the installer needs to be 64 and not 32 bit, then you will not get anywhere without installing Bonjour first, either using Control Panel or failing that in this way.


    Trying Administrator privileges will not work.

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    what do i do about password for mmobile me cant us i cload 7 64 bit

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    use bonjuor or what

  • jforrestb Level 1 (0 points)

    use apple id

  • jforrestb Level 1 (0 points)

    what do ido 7 64 bit,  what control panel do i use for mobile me

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