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    i cload is 32 bit

  • toothjoc Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have windows 7 64 bit and and have worked diligently for months to make it work. Forget it! I have failed miserably to install the I-cloud control panel. I am so PO'ed I am ready to trash the system! 

  • GreenJuice Level 1 (0 points)

    I've managed to do it on my Win 7 64 bit system (see my earlier post).


    I uninstalled Bonjour first (using Microsoft Fixit because Control Panel Uninstall would not do it).

    Then reinstalled latest version of iTunes. Then installed iCloud Control Panel.


    iCloud works, but I have a couple of problems:

    a) Everytime I restart, I get an Apple program that needs User Account Control permission to run (even though I've set the privileges to Adminisatrator)

    b) I have 2 users on this PC. Using Photo Stream, one user uploads and downloads fine. The other can upload but can't download.


    n.b. I am not using iCloud as a substitute for Outlook functions, only Photostream and Reminders

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    I have been having problems with iTunes and Outlook when I install iCloud on my windows 7 64bit


    Everytime I installed iCloud, it would not let me open iTunes or outlook and the computer would freeze.


    so i had to uninstall iCloud to allow me to work outlook and iTunes


    However after weeks of trying different advice - none would work UNTIL if you uninstall bonjour from your windows 7 64bit and then re install iCloud - this then works



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    If you have and HP Pavilion, after the download process starts, it will ask you which folder you want to save it in. DO NOT choose the "My Computer/Programs (x86)". Choose "My Computer/Programs" folder only. This worked for me.

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    Thanks for that information.  That's one thing I didn't try.  I've noticed in Outlook 2010 that Microsoft has put the .pst files in the My Documents/Outlook Files so maybe Apple is following suit with the PC version of iCloud.  I'll try it but veerrry careful :-)

  • Terry Neal Level 1 (0 points)

    A couple of other questions:


    1. Did you have to uninstall anything (like Bonjour, iTunes, mentioned above)?

    2. Outlook 2010 on my PC is installed as 32-bit although PC is 64-bit (it was necessary for an add-in.)  How did you install Outlook I did, on similiar machine?


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