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Lion works great, iMac is great, printer is fine but why can't I the see SUPPLY LEVELS anywhere ?  No drivers for the MAC? Please advise?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Checking the Canon USA web site, the 10.7 drivers for the MX882 are available. You will need to install this driver to see the ink levels.


    With the above driver installed, if you add the printer by selecting it from the Nearby Printers menu that appears after you click the + button or by selecting Bonjour Multifunction, then this will add the printer using DNSSD (Bonjour). Canon INC has stated that if the printer is connected in this manner the ink status cannot be obtained. The solution is to remove the current printer and add it again, this time selecting the printer that shows "canonijnetwork" in the Kind column. Note that the "canonijnetwork" printer takes several seconds to appear in the Default Add Printer pane. So when you select to add you will see the MX appear quickly as a Bonjour device. So what a few more seconds and the MX will appear again, this time showing "canonijnetwork". Select this and add it. Now you will be able to get the ink levels.

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    PAHU, thank you very much for this information. I did not update the drivers from the Canon website because there are four (4) different DRIVERS (for Mac 10.7) and I have no idea which one is the correct one. Canon's site is very confusing. Can you tell me which ones I need to download? My current driver is Version


    The really good news is that I removed the printer [which was not showing me any ink levels] and after waiting a few seconds as you suggested, added the "canonijnetwork" when it appeared. I can now see the ink levels and other utilites that had been missing on my previous install. I am very pleased!


    One last thing...I do not see where or how to install the SCAN feature for this AIO printer unit. The scan function disappeared and has not come back with the change I made above.  Can you tell me how to restore the scan function?


    Thank you again for your assistance!

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    Since the version you have is working then stick with it. Looking at the Canon Australia web site, they do have a v10.51.2.0 and show the v10.42.3.0 as being the previous version. They also show the v10.51.2.0 as supporting 10.7, but I'm using the v10.42 on 10.7 to the MX885 (the Oz version of the MX882) and it is working fine for me.


    As for the scanner, you could add entry that shows Bonjour Multifunction. This will give you the printer that has the issues with the ink levels but you will also get the Scan function. Or you could download the scanner driver (v17.7.1) and install. This will let you create a separate scanner which you can use with MP Navigator and Acrobat Pro.

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    Thank you again, PAHU for your help with this issue. I downloaded and installed the scanner driver v17.7.1 but I see no way to add this to my list. I would like very much to be able to create the separate scanner but this does not populate...I am only presented with the "Bonjour Multifunction" which does not show me ink levels or the "canonijnetwork" showing me ink levels but no scan function! Do you find that strange? 


    I would like to have the new scan driver and create a separate scanner, but it is not at all clear to me how to do that. Again thank you for your assistance!

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    When I checked the MX885 yesterday, it showed an entry called Bonjour Scanner. But i believe for this to appear you do need to comfigure the MX via the Canon Scanner Utility (Application > Canon Utilities).


    As I don't have this model at home I cannot check again till I get back to work on Monday. I have the MP990 at home and with the scanner driver installed I do see the device, but as this is a different model I do think it behaves differently.


    In the meantime you could try installing MP Navigator to see if you can get that to work. Also, if you open Image Capture, do you see the device under the Shared entry in the left pane?