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    I have found that works pretty well.  Except when I select FILE, SAVE VERSION... I get this folder structure instead of a .pages, .numbers, .keynote file.  I have no idea then where the REAL file is stored and typically have to start over, hope it shows up on iPAD/iPhone to edit and force a sync backwards, OR save somewhere else, and then copy into the "mobile Docs" folder when ready to load into the Cloud. 


    Its hard when coming from office to iWork to NOT constantly want to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE again. 

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    Sounds good - how do I find the library? No such folder in my Finder.


    by the way I figured out why I can't drag and drop or otherwise sync. It appears that when I got iCloud, I somehow ended up with two iCloud accounts, one accessed by my old Mobile Me username, and one accessed with a new username I was given. The old username seems to be listed as the primary account, therefore the only one that will sync documents and data. But my calendar, email and contacts are syncing with the new one, and that's where I was trying to add documents. I have an appointment at the Apple store this afternoon, hope they can merge these. 

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