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I'm trying to migrate from a Windows installation running in BootCamp on an iMac (old) to a new iMac running Lion. NO - I'm not trying to migrate BootCamp -> BootCamp, but from Windows to OSX.


The old iMac is running WinXP SP3. The Migration Assistant runs just fine, trying to listen to incoming requests.

The Migration Assistant on the new iMac quickly finds the other machine and displays the key for linking them.  The MA on the Windows/BootCamp end never seem to get the request and just keeps on listening.


I've tried them on FireWire networking, on Ethernet to Ethernet and on the same WiFi network. Nothing works.


Is this a problem because the other "PC" is an iMac? The icon that comes up in the MA has the "wintel box" icon, not an iMac icon, as if it is detecting that it is a PC/Windows system.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)