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I have 4 iPhone 4's on one Apple ID.  When I updated my daughter's iPhone 4 to the new IOS5, she used the Apple ID and then created an email address for her iCloud account.  When I updated my iPhone 4 to the new IOS5, I accidentally saved the information on my phone iCloud account as hers before editing it to have my own.  Now I cannot see where to change it.  All the discussions I'm seeing are to change Apple IDs, but I do not need to do this.  I need to change my iCloud email address so that I can separate out her contacts from mine, etc.   I am very frustrated by this.  Since both are linked to the same iCloud, I fear that if I delete something, it will delete on hers, and vice versa.  I haven't even started the other 2 phones to update since I don't know if it will do the same with those.  Help please on what to do!  I don't want to have to set up different Apple IDs just to get this changed.  This would mean I would have to spend hundreds of dollars re-purchasing apps.  Unless Apple is going to reimburse me for that, I need a different option.  Everything I'm finding says changing the iCloud email address cannot be done and I've even seen where Apple representatives are telling users, "too bad"!  This is unacceptable!!  If that is the case, Apple needs to get it together because that option should be there!!


I also wonder if restoring my phone from the backup I did prior to updating and then going through the entire update process again would correct this issue.  Any thoughts, suggestions would be great.  And if Apple is really reading these forums, they need an update on this issue NOW!