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On the desktop version of iCal I can take a Reminder and drag it into the Calendar to turn it into a task with time associated with it (e.g. "Take the car to the repair shop" reminder gets turned into "Take the car to the repair shop" event at, say, 2pm on Friday). When iCal tries to sync the event to iCloud, however, it returns an error, saying that " not a location that supports this request.". You can either then choose to Go Offline or Revert to Server. The odd thing is that the event AND the Reminder both appear to stay where I placed them, even though I click "Revert to Server". So what's being reverted? It doesn't appear that the event is being deleted....


My main concern is that I decide to ignore the warning dialogs, "Reverting to Server" each time, and then one day, poof! there goes all the events.


Importantly: The events that I supposedly created from the Reminders don't show up in the iCloud view of the Calendar. So it seems that they are at least "reverted" at the server level . Even with a manual refresh on my Mac, iCal doesn't seem to get rid of these "reverted" calendar events.


Ideas as to what's being not supported?


Screen Shot 2011-10-13 at 11.50.56 PM.png

iCal, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    The problem has to do with the stupid way of ical seperating reminders and calendars.

    In your desktop ical if you drag a reminder to your calendar view, you must be very fast to right click the **** event and choose a calendar before the stupid error pops up.


    It seems they found it funny in Apple to seperate reminders and calendars without a way to pair those two at least and make us click more just for fun.


    Anyway if the message pops up again just press Revert to Server and as fast as you can before the icloud deletes your event, right click the event and choose a calendar. Everything will sync then.


    Hint: If you use the web ical you can drag reminders to your calendar view as events with no problem at all, because a window pops up and asks for a calendar and if you don't change anything it will auto select your first one, something that the desktop version is not doing.

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    Spent ages trying to sort it out but the solution in the end was simple.  I logged onto iCloud, went to my calander, created a new reminders folder and deleted the old one. everything now works as it shoud. 

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    I was having the same problem. Don't know if you have managed to get a solution, but I managed to find out the following which may work for you. I have just tried it, and it seems to work.


    Seems like when you click an invite .ics file in, it automatically adds it to the first calendar in ical. Thus you need to ensure that the calendar you want your invites to be added too, should be the first one listed in ical.


    Since i do not use the default calendar listed under "om my mac" i deleted this calendar, and was only left with all the calendar's listed under icloud. I them dragged the default calendar to the top of the list, and now all invitations are added to this calendar when clicking an .ics invite in mail.


    Hope this solution is the right one, and works permanently... Hope it works for you too.

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    After turning on iCloud I could no longer accept ANY invitations into my Calendar.  It would crash every time. I tried all sorts of fixes that I found from the various crash messages and none worked. I found this thread because it would pop that "location" message every time I got an invitation.

    I did as Vakisp did an it fixed the problem.

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    I believe I may have learned more about the solution to this problem.  I was getting this " not a location that supports this request." error when my AppleScripts tried to make a new Reminder (todo), but I think it is the same problem as described in this thread.  This post <> says to fix the problem by making a new Reminders List, which works. However, if you rename the new Reminders List to match one of your Calendars, the problem comes back.  I believe it is a result of a naming conflict between calendars, reminder lists, and the events/reminders that you try to create on them.  My solution, in addition to creating a new Reminders List (which I now believe is unnecessary), was to name my Calendars slightly differently than the Reminders List (i.e.  Personal. and Personal, and Work. (dot) and Work).  The error is gone, and I can (almost) have a work and personal life!

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    This problem remains for me.  I've deleted all reminders, deleted all lists...then with one empty list, created a new reminder list on icloud, then deleted the old list.  I then created a "test" reminder on icloud.  Now, when I go to my ical and try to drag this reminder onto a calendar (default calendar is also a new calendar created in icloud) I get the same error message "not a location that supports request."  Any help is appreciated. 

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    Make sure the Calendar and Reminder List have DIFFERENT names.  Even adding a period to one name was enough to get it to work for me.

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    OK, so first off, I was forced to move to iCloud as Mobile Me was having issues syncing Safari Bookmars, so not the most pleased of customers there.


    Now with iCloud Bookmarks work but iCal doesn't.

    I used to have a reminder list called Things and a calendar called Things

    I now have a reminder called Things reminders and a calendare called Things cal

    On Web iCal, I have no trouble dragging a reminder into the calendar view to set a time slot.

    On Lion iCal I keep getting the following type of message.

  is not a location that supports this request.


    Anyone else having same issues?

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    Anyone have any updates. Still can't get it to work.

    I've made a new reminder list and called it test, but still no luck.


    One solution is to just use google calendars.

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    In iCal preferences, what is your Default Calendar and Default Reminder List set to?  Make sure those have different names, and make sure there is no Reminder List with the same name as your Default Calendar, and no Calendar with the same name as your Default Reminder List.  Still getting the error?

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    In iCal on mac I have

    Default Calendar: Things cal

    Default Reminder List: Things Reminders


    In the Reminder list I have: Things reminders and Test

    No calendar is named either Things reminders or Test


    I added the reminder lists from iCloud.


    Thanks for your suggestions

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    OK managed to fix this issue.

    Follow the steps described here ical-data/


    The trick is to backup all calendars singolarly as .ics files, then delete all data from iCloud and iCal.

    Then import each calendar.ics file one by one as a new calendar.

    Finally merge with iCloud so that they are new database entries.


    I'm sure it would not take much for Apple software engineers to build a script that would do all this in the background and in the datacenter.

  • marcom9 Level 1 Level 1

    OK false good hope.

    It is not working.

  • marcom9 Level 1 Level 1

    Still haven't been able to get it to work.

    My best solution has been to use google calendars instead!


    Come on Apple isn't there a simpler and more effective solution?

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