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  • denisfromsealy Level 1 Level 1

    The update of the iPhone 3Gs if awful. Updates should never break things that work. After updating my iPhone, WiFi and Bluetooth sensitivity are down. I cannot connect to the WiFi in my house at 12 ft. Bluetooth loses connectivity at just over 2 ft ( from my ear to my pocket), come on now, all this worked well before the update. App's are very jumpy, not nearly as smooth as before.


    If this is Apple's way of forcing an update, I may not be an Apple customer anymore.

  • adridere Level 1 Level 1

    Same sob story here. Upgrade s.u.c.k.s, phone slow, entire interface is unresponsive to touch/taps, application upload is sluggish, if at all. Turning off iCloud improves it a little bit. Apple, what's the story?  I refuse to upgrade what was a perfectly good phone to the lastest flavor. You MUST warn users if the iOS is beyond the capabilities of the hardware. I'm serioulsy considering changing carrier and platform.

  • dennen Level 1 Level 1

    Same. REALLY disappointed in this behavior.


    If I kill all the existing running apps, shut down the phone and turn it back on, it takes 10-11 seconds to start up Messages. 10 seconds?! I just dont get it.... One app, one thread, nothing else running.


    This stinks of planned obsolescence.

  • ken.atwell Level 1 Level 1

    @davidgrenier, +1, you nailed it.  Turning off calendar notifications reduced CPU usage by 90% on my 3GS (and I only use one [Exchange] calendar).  I'll need to live with it for a day or two before I can declare victory, but so far I feel like I've gotten by phone back. There appears to be a runaway thread in the notification service or somesuch.


    While the phone is now usable again, the lack of calendar notificaiton is a signifigant loss of functionality -- hopefully this will get addressed in iOS 5.0.1.

  • Cmmmetrology Level 1 Level 1

    Generally everything about 3GS is slow since updating, buttons don't work or sliders don't respond either.

    This is practically unusable in this state.

    Sort it out Apple or we will all be androids!

  • tjpearson Level 1 Level 1

    Why don't we just connect our phones to iTunes click on restore to earlier firmware, pick the one we want and all sorted.




    I'm having terrible lag problems on my 3GS since update.


    Come on Apple give your paying customers support and help.



    mmmmmm I wonder why people Jailbreak.

  • jc01108 Level 1 Level 1

    I disabled icloud right away after updating and find that ios5 is actually snappier than before. Yes, there are times when it appears to hesitate prior to loading an app, but this is rare. Works acceptably well. I suspect as updatesa are made that it will get even faster if history is any guide.

  • Sccrbrg Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem,


    Turned Icloud off, actually I never turned it on in the first place because I had a feeling this would happen, and my phone lags all over the place and is still practically unusable.


    Delays left and right, typing is almost impossible, only about 75% of the key strokes even register.


    And the funny thing is, you KNOW they tested this on all of the phone models.


    Hey, I have no problem with them coming out with a new OS that's too cumbersome to be supported by the 3GS processor - but if you do that, DONT OFFER IT AS AN UPDATE FOR THE 3GS!!!!!.


    What a joke. And now I can't even go back to my old OS to fix the problem.


    I will wait for an update as long as I can because I don't feel like spending the money to get a new phone. But I'm not holding my breath because you know these things don't go to market without being thoroughly tested. Looking like planned obsolescence here.

  • Bomber_Calgary Level 1 Level 1

    I restored to new blah blah blah and that sucker is now slower, particularly when launching an app. 

  • N7 Level 1 Level 1

    Yea disabling iCloud does brings phone to bit more response but still its very sluggish.

    Most key strokes dont record and lag. Specially if fill box is scrolling vertically or horizontally, And seek slider is just impossible to use i feel like im using nokia 5800 on first release. Ok

    You've separated video from iPod. But this music app is obviously port from iPhone 4. Cos album-arts that it display is beyond its capability and coverflow is just horrible. I'm really considering downgrading my iOS. But I like features like keyboard And iMessage... PLZ PLZ fix music cover arts. And add most played and recently added playlists there. It's so simple. Nokia android blackberry iTunes has it why not iTunes music player on iPhone?is that so difficult?

    Oh and music count will not transfer from iPod / iPhone to iTunes that is so bad. I've listen to so many songs on iPhone. When I used to sync my phone with iTunes I could play most played songs. And I had song counts like 700 and some above 1000 plays... Now after sync new songs still say that I've played them 0 times.

    Not considering apps constantly crash. I guess they are not iOS 5 optimised but that's ok. Phone keeps crashing by restarting. That happened few times a day. No my battery Is ok


    PLZ apple fix the problems. Look forward for first over the air update.

  • chgsantos Level 1 Level 1

    problems here too


    it's rebooting and shutting down on 80%.. =S


    before iOS 5 it was working like a charm.. =[

  • MobyRickard Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all,

    I can see that I'm not alone with a slow 3GS phone.

    I have now tested and tried to find a thread to my iPhone behavior.....

    But I can't. It's in random when lagging and slow behavior occurs.

    It's seems that when you restart the iPhone it's some quick, not like before update.

    After a while using some apps it's start to be slower and slower.

    Yesterday I used the phone very much and became very slow...

    Suddenly the phone restart by it self.. Never happend before..

    This behavior I saw from MS windows before. :)

    Maybe apple hired some Microsoft people.

    I had to laugh some here.


    Maybe there is a memory handling problem In iOS 5??

    Sometime you can get a memory leakage when writing software.

    Maybe in this case, just a thought.


    We have two iPhone 3GS and one with earlier iOS and with new iOS 5

    Before they worked like a charm, now one still like a charm and one with a awful behavior.


    I'm sure they will fix this in time, but I don't now if they follow this discussion here.

    I can't see any feedback from them.


    Keep writing and if someone find a solution plz tell.

  • RoboScott Level 4 Level 4

    Yep, same here, my 3GS phone has slowed down since upgrading.


    Trying to use the keyboard is pure guess work as it takes about 10 seconds for the text to appear. Some of the apps are a bit glitchy too and my phone just seems slower to respond overall.


    Just thought I'd add my experiences in case anyone from Apple is reading this thread.

  • chgsantos Level 1 Level 1

    The shuting down problem appears to be a awful energy management, not an memory problem, cause it's showing wrong energy percentages everytime.


    You charge your iPhone to 100%, and 15 minutes later it's with 63%, them um restart and it shows 78%, and it shuts down on 50% and appears the icon that baterry is empty.. Totally crazy!


    I guess that the energy management is cracked for a depreciated battery (mine is one year old), maybe they tested iOS 5 only on new devices. =[

  • date palm Level 1 Level 1

    I upgraded to IOS5 too. It was terribly slow so I did a hard reset and upgraded again. This time I set the icloud to off and manually added the Caldav and carddav (for contact and calendar sync) and icloud email settings to my iphone, which means I can use icloud functionality without the icloud! And it works well this way. No difference with IOS4. I would have just downgraded to IOS4 but that's not possible unless you jailbreak. So this is second best.

    The calendar in the notification option also slows things down. Turn that off too!

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