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    Tammy_Adam's sugestions work for me. tks

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    Thats why I save my shsh blobs so I can downgrade. Yes, apple is kind of dumb. Thats why I jailbroke my device. How about that. What are you going to do apple about me jailbreaking.                                          

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    I keep trying to find a link to ios 4.3 so i can update my iphone without jailbreaking...geet it sorted apple, you should offer all iOS updates for free on itunes instead of forcing us to update to a crappy iOS that kills the phones processor

  • Robert Winn Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Adios, iPhone!

    3GS finally succumed from it's slow, horrible slide into death!

    Dead- non-responsive, taken from us by the heartless creatures in Cupertino.

    It served me well for the 3+ years until the poisonous 5.0/5.1 upgrade

    Tried everthing I could to save it.

    Just picked up a Samsung Galaxy SII-- After a day of getting used to Android, love it, no going back

    Sayonara, Apple (even though I have 1 iPad, 3 iPhones, 1 desktop still left in the family)

    Family phone score is now Android 2 - iPhone 3

    Apple-- you really suck for torpedoing such a handy device.

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    I know this will cause trouble with the all mighty apple but the best cause I can find for the slowdown is the increase in ram used by the system. The only way to solve this problem is with a memory manager and the only way to get one of these is through a jailbreak, don't ask me how to do so or what apps you need or otherwise as this type of thing doesn't belong on an apple website (google is your friend kids)  in respect to Steve jobs I will not take messages about this either so find out how to accomplish this on your own but my 32gb 3GS runs just fine on ios 5.1.1

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8 (39,415 points)

    Karlf777 wrote:


    Thats why I save my shsh blobs so I can downgrade. Yes, apple is kind of dumb. Thats why I jailbroke my device. How about that. What are you going to do apple about me jailbreaking.                                          

    I think Apple will laugh in your face when your device craps out on you because you jailbroke it, and be very eager to explain how hacking it voided your warranty.

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    well if jailbroken iDevices will revive the phone to a working state ( i had a 3Gs still on iOS 4), i think it would worth the bet.

    however having said that,i had a few devices (work phones) updated to 5.1.1 and it seems ok, (stock, nothing loaded yet, turn off all spotlight searches except contacts and application). (i save all their SHSH, just incase in the near future need to roll back)


    but my personal 3Gs phone is still on iOS 4.x (seeing from a iPhone3G running iOS 4). no complains from there.


    unless apple officially signed iOS 4 for 3G's only, then it would make sense, give the user an option to go back to that specific version that Apple choses officially. so the user does not have to resort to Jailbroken to free their phone (provided they save their Blobs).

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    Tammy_Adam's sugestions worked for me too. Finally  my 3GS is working like it should be from day one.  Thanks a lot.


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    None of the above (disabling icloud/calendars/notifications etc) worked for me on my 3gs with 5.1.1, which has been . It seemed to be memory related as I could get a (limited, temporary) speed boost by freeing up memory with the System Status app from the app store.


    I was at the point of throwing out my setup and restoring as new (would have done it ages ago except I don't want to lose a couple of years' worth of sms) when I had a thought. A handful of old apps on my phone I'd bought from the US app store, whereas everything else is from the UK one- on a hunch I removed all of the US ones and so far my 3gs is back to being really snappy, even with icloud running. Of course this might just be a temporary speed boost from the reset and restore (it's only been a day) but as nobody else seems to have mentioned the dual apple id thing I thought I'd post in case anyone else had this setup and is having similar problems... ?

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    double click on the home button to bring up the multitask bar. press and hold till the icon shaking. and end all the apps in there. that should free up the system memory.


    a suggestion/feedback to apple is to allow user an option to turn of Multitasking. like how Multitasking cripple iphone 3G on iOS 4, now multitasking is crippling iPhone 3Gs on iOS 5.


    i myself use a 4S,my missus using 3Gs, whenever i use her phone,i feel it very laggy, "real" quit all the app in multitasking bar and it's back to speed, memory gets released free up to do other things.


    give that a shot. and see how u go. it's not a permanent fix,but it's a work around, and turn off all iCloud etc..

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    I am rarely moved to reply to stuff i find on the internet (to my shame) but i am today.

    Adam thank you so much. With your suggestions it feels like a new phone

    Very happy camper



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    Hi Dave, thx 4 that. Here is one more tip that will make u an even happier camper. Double-click the home key, press and hold one of the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen, and proceed to close all the applications other than the one or two you are currently using. Do this whenever your phone is starting to feel a little sluggish. It will give it back it's zing and save a lot of battery life too.


    Cheers, Adam

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    I have the iphone 3GS since the latest update my phone turns off when reaches 50%-40% battery life, it also turns off when using 3G and when trying to make calls my screen goes blank.


    I had no issues till I updated it!


    Will there be another update to fix these bugs/ isssues?

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    My problem has all but disappeared since updating my 3GS to iOS 6. Yay iOS 6!

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    Same here, but I think this is more related to the space I had to free in order to upgrade than to the upgrade it self!!


    Anyway, my old beatifull 3GS is running smooooothhh (altough I will love to take that new A6 processor for a ride!!)




    Victor Espina