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  • Totti2hotti Level 1 Level 1

    Since I updated to iOS 6 from iOS 5 my Wi-fi connection does not work unless my iPhone 3GS is next to my wireless router!


    I still have the issue of my phone turning it self off, blanck screen when making calls & unable to use my 3G otherwise my phone will turn off. These probelms started to occur once I updated to iOS 5 and now even worse since updating to iOS 6!


    Please help? I would like to downgrade back to iOS 4 on my iPhone 3GS if possible!


    Strting to dislike Apple becaue of this!

  • Ch1l1MaN Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone ***** WITHOUT STEVE JOB. 

    It's as simple as that!

    Same case here, my iphone 3GS lags like ****.

    Shifting to Samsung Note 2 soon.  


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  • HertN Level 1 Level 1

    Jesus! People on this board are so dumb! It's 3GS after all, it's not the 4s or 5! Just kill ur apps every once in a while.


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  • Frantastic31 Level 1 Level 1



    I have recently been given an iphone 3g and the current version is 4.2.1.  I want to update it to a newer version as some of the apps i want cant be used without the newer ones.  I have tried plugging it into my computer but thats done nothing.  Do you know how i can update it??


    Thank very much


    Frantastic 31

  • HertN Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 3GS is the oldest device supporting iOS5 officially. If you want to install iOS5 on iPhone 3, then I suggest you googling "How to install iOS5 on iPhone 3". It WILL be VERY SLOW tho!

  • markfromurbana Level 1 Level 1

    Tammy_Adam's suggestion worked for me, too. Performance is still a little slower than when the phone was new and running iOS 3, but about 5 times faster than before.


    Thanks, Tammy_Adam!

  • zoobi Level 1 Level 1

    any buddy cn help me i installed ios 6 by over air method it got installed in 10-15 min then it asked u install ios 6 upgrade den the loding happen soon then its aasked u cell will be restared i press ok then that time my display of cell is dispalying apple logo coming and going coimng and going whats this and this is form 1 day i pluged a chargaer also plz help me

  • mc.lauwers Level 1 Level 1

    My Iphone 3GS works again properly (with Icloud and all other features ! after update to IOS6 AND replacement of battery AND keeping running apps on background as small as possible + download APP Battery Doctor !

    The main trouble has been that upgrade to IOS5 which was an very large update, demands a lot of energy from the battery.  Most computers crashes due to battery failures and exhausted batteries.  Therefore it is extremely important to maintain a battery in good condition and batterydoctor helps how to do it.  Same for MacBooks ...

    hope this info helps to mitigate all frustrations of Iphone 3GS owners (alike me)


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