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  • Molly K Crocker Level 1 (5 points)

    I still wonder if the Mobile Documents in your Library aren't the correct files.  Mine were missing the proper suffixes as well, but we manipulated the folder and the file names, adding proper suffixes, and the folder condensed to a file that the corresponding iWork program that we then placed on iCloud.  The file was then able to be opened from either my Mac or my iPad.  It's possible that yours were mangled in a different way than mine were, so whatever I'm suggesting may not work.


    The engineers didn't do the repair for me.  The tech help guy had a way to access my screen, and over the phone told me where to click and what to type, and was viewing my screen from where he was, to be sure I had it right.  It was just complicated enough that I'd be surprised if they offered this to the normal user.  As a tech guy, I'd be happier having been emailed a copy of the Mobile Documents contents, and then sending the repaired files back to the user.


    Dunno if this can help.  I don't know how many tech help folks that Apple has, or if they can get the attention of all of them to get the solution out to all of them.  Or if your problem was exactly the same as mine.

  • JCX2009 Level 1 (0 points)


    Don't know.

    They claimed that unless I accessed the files through iCloud by my iMac they would not exist.

    But then why do I have any files at in the mobile folder?


    One iWork expert on here stated unquiviocably that without .xml files Pages docs simply are gone. But, like you said, I wonder if something can be done with all those others files I have remaining.


    I am still waiting.


    It's been six working days now since they said the engineer was looking into it, and they gave me a temporary Apple ID to use, but I have gotten no update on the status of my case.


    On top of this, my iPhone 4, a replacement for a prior defective model, is also defective and the solutions I've been given have been completely ineffective. I even restored it to factory settings yet its shut down problem persists. Meanwhile, every day at work I am finding major bugs in Lion's handling of PDFs and images in Preview. It's just mindboggling.


    So, I am just fed up with Apple software all around. In three weeks, I've gone from being an enthusiastic virtual walking Apple commercial to despising every failing product of theirs that I own.

  • Molly K Crocker Level 1 (5 points)

    The tech guy who helped me was David R.  He works out of Portland, OR.  Perhaps your Apple genius or YOUR tech person can access what David figured out.  I'm looking at the files I copied out of my Moble Documents folder (I put a copy on my desktop) and no, there aren't any with .xml as any part of them. I still think this can be done.  I've been racking my brain about all the steps, and I can't remember all of them. 


    I do remember that we began by right-clicking on each folder, and then chose Compress.


    Then, I think, we pulled up the info for each of the compressed files (click once on the compressed file to select it, hold down the command key and type the letter i) , and in that window we changed or added the suffix to ".numbers-tef".  Type 'return' to finish the name-change.


    Here's where my memory is faulty.  Another user in another thread shows this:



    gvde wrote:


    I have managed to get my Numbers documents back:


    1. I have copied the documents folder in "~/Library/Mobile Documents.delete.Sat Oct 15 09:01:32 2011/com~apple~Numbers/Documents" to "~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Numbers/Documents".

    AGAIN: MAKE A COPY! Don't move the folder in case it doesn't work. Maybe even make a second copy fo the whole ".delete" folder to have a backup copy available!


    2. I have renamed each document folder, removing the ending "-tef", e.g. renamed "My First Document.numbers-tef" to "My First Document.numbers". This makes the document appear in iCloud shortly afterwards. You can't open it as it is considered a document created by the Mac Numbers application.


    3. I have renamed each document folder back, i.e. "My First Document.numbers" to "My First Document.numbers-tef"


    4. Now iCloud seems to sync it up again and recognizes it. It reappers on my iPad and I can open it.


    5. I did this for each of my 9 documents. If you have more, you may want to use a little script.


    6. To get the previews back I have also copied the contents of "~/Library/Mobile Documents.delete.Sat Oct 15 09:01:32 2011/com~apple~Numbers/iWorkPreviews" to "~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~Numbers/iWorkPreviews"


    Now everything seems to be O.K. Documents are back. They show up on, iPad and iPhone. I haven't done anything with Numbers the last two days thus at least for me: no loss.



    I remember, I think, that after we did the name change, we dragged the tiny icon off of the top of the Info window to the iWork page on Safari.  THEN we were able to properly download the file from there to the Mac as well as to the iPad.  I would download to your Mac, and keep iCloud disconnected from your iPad iWorks docs, and use iTunes to transfer these back and forth.


    If you keep your iPad disconnected from iCloud, and make sure you work with a copy of your Mobile Documents folder, then you can't muck it up worse than it is already.


    I 'hear' your complaints about Apple products.  The quality has dropped off in the last 6 months.  Steve is out of the picture.


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  • JCX2009 Level 1 (0 points)

    Again, thanks, Molly. Really appreciate the effort and concern. I've seen that thread re the -tef solution.


    Unfortunately, I don't have any ~/Library/Mobile Documents.delete. folder.  Never did. That was the very first thing they had me check.


    Apparently, to have that folder the iCoud must have been accessed via the iMac at some point. I never used iCloud with my iMac becuase I had only just set Lion up days earlier.


    iCloud itself erased my documents directly off the iPad, so it has nothing to do with the iMac --- unless, as I suspect, setting up Lion caused some glitch that then told iCloud there were zero documents under my account and iCloud obediently sent that status down to my iPad to invade my device and destroy my work. 


    Why there were any files at all in the ~/Library/Mobile Documents itself I have no idea. But the Applecare techs seemed unconcered about any of the remaining files there, and never asked for anything from me except the document names.


    I am giving them to the end of the week to recover my work, then my attorney has to be involved. (...Like I have a chance of happy resolution against a megai-billion dollar company).

  • Molly K Crocker Level 1 (5 points)



    I think you're right about not having that folder.  I believe the engineers had the backup off of iCloud in my case, but we didn't need it because I had the backup on my Mac.  And there weren't any folders in the Mobile Documents folder that matched your file names?  That was key in my case.


    Well, I'm hoping that Apple would rather be paying its developers and engineers than its attorneys.  Your prodding will be worth SOMETHING!

  • JCX2009 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks. I hope my ecremental prodding will be unneccessary. But it will be continued until I get a resolution to the disater they've caused me.


    In regards to your statement about folders in the Mobile Documents folder, yes. As I said, I in fact do have all the files name and asscoiated files with the sole exceptions of the crucial .xml files -- which are key to opening all Pages documents as they contain the actual data.But these files are only saved if the iMac was actualy use dto oepn the files It wasnt. Hence, no backups.


    I was told by the Apple Care rep that having the other files and names was useful, But its now been over a week since they have even responded to my inquiry emails about my case. So, I am beyond angry at Apple now.



  • J Richard Johnston Level 1 (5 points)

    Yet another unhappy incident. I was doing a corporate demo of keynote using my iPad on an AppleTV connected monitor. My presentations came up for a second and then disappeared. I can say that I did not impress anyone with that swift maneuver. Sounds like this is an epidemic judging by the number of posts.

  • Molly K Crocker Level 1 (5 points)

    Don't know if Apple has 'heard' this or not, yet.  ICloud is NOT reliable, not for transfer of data, not for backup.  I was NOT using it for backup, just transferring between devices so the other device would be a backup, but iCloud decided that the file shouldn't be on my iPad.


    Richard, did you get them back?

  • Imaan Hisham Level 1 (0 points)

    Or you can sign in with another account. They start appearing when you relaunch Keynote, Pages etc.

  • Imaan Hisham Level 1 (0 points)

    But for me, when I tap a presentation, it cannot open :(


    The other presentations still work. :) That's why you shouldn't go for iCloud.

  • Imaan Hisham Level 1 (0 points)

    Must be logged into another iCloud/Apple ID.

  • Stefano Zenni Level 1 (5 points)

    Two days ago all the iWork documents on my iPad have disappeared. They are still on my iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone and iCloud on line. But the iPad doesn't sync anymore. I've tried almost all the tips suggested in this thread: log out/log in, search for the Mobile Dcuments on my Mac, but there is no Mobile Documents.deleted folder; deactivate/activate Documents sharing etc. I didn't try the "atomic" solution: to restore iPad and reinstall everything, starting from iWork.

    What happening? What to do? Please help me.

  • Stefano Zenni Level 1 (5 points)

    Solved! After calling Apple (Italy), a gentle lady suggested me to reset the Settings on iPad. I lost the wifi passwords, but everything is ok, now! Go to Setrtings-> General -> Reset -> reset settings. It works!

  • MFPN@ Level 1 (0 points)

    I just had a similar problem with Keynote as described by other users.

    I followed Molly's advice, settings Icloud off for Keynote and turned ipad off. Did it 2 times.

    The trick in my case was to actually turn icloud On again for Keynote....

    And then all worked as Apple had intended, evceryhting was back on my ipad and Sync perfect.

  • DCel Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem, working on a presentation all week, putting final touches to it today, went into keynotes and all my keynote presentations are no longer there!! It is a disaster! Not sure what to do! I had drop box it to pc in week, but it seems to be view only, I have added a lot to it since, which I can't add into this version as view only.  If anyone has an idea what to do would be really grateful as don't know that I have time to rewrite at this stage.  As well as this I have previous presentations which I need for future I could do with access to.

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