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Hi all,


I'd downloaded and installed 'iCloud Control Panel'. I wasn't impressed by it, I attempted to uninstall it from the "Uninstall a Program" (from Control Panel). Just to find out, would there be any security loophole if we were to uninstall 'iCloud Control Panel'? Would there be any folder related to iCloud in the 'Program' folder within the C Drive that I need to clear/delete?


Also, is icloud.com the place to access the stored data?


Thank you.

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    To answer your last question first - yes to access your info sync'd to the cloud you would go to icloud.com and sign in with your icloud Apple ID.


    I was also considering uninstalling the iCloud control panel on my pc so that I could start fresh and download a clean copy.  But when I bring up control panel the Uninstall option is not available.   So I'm not sure how to get rid of it yet.

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    Thanks for the information. Ok, my turn to contribute. I had tried to uninstall iCloud Control Panel and MobileMe under 'Control Panel>Program>Uninstall Program'.


    You may try it. My only doubt here is whether there'll be any security loophole after uninstalling it. (e.g. open port). Theorically, this is the correct way to uninstall programs.

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    I had the same question. I don't use Outlook so the i Cloud Control Panel was of limited use.


    Although there isn't an option to uninstall in Vista's 'Program and fFeatures' if you click iCloud Control Panel entry and then click 'Change' you are presented with an option to Repair or Remove. Click remove and then confirm and it will disappear

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    You have to SIGNOUT first from ICloud. Then you can uninstall it by going to the control panel in Windows and then you have the one which permits to remove program. However, a lot and I mean of lot of stuff is left behind.  I have done the operation a few times and I had to use GHOST to bring back my machine to a state before doing those operation.  I bought a commercial uninstaller to help and even then there is so much &_?)))&&&  left it is a shame.  I had to go directly into the Registry to finally get rid of the ICloud Control Panel appearing despite the fact it let to nothing.


    I wonder why Apple does not provide a true uninstaller to totally clean the machine.