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I recently stated using iPhoto. I previously had all my photos in folders in the "pictures" folder. After I import them in iPhoto, can I deleted them from these folders? I guess they are saved somewhere in iPhoto so no need for duplicates.

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (136,590 points)

    Yes if you're using iPhoto in the default setting.


    Are you running a Managed or a Referenced Library?


    A Managed Library, is the default setting, and iPhoto copies files into the iPhoto Library when Importing. The files are then stored in the Library package


    A Referenced Library is when iPhoto is NOT copying the files into the iPhoto Library when importing because you made a change at iPhoto -> Preferences -> Advanced. (You unchecked the option to copy files into the Library on import) The files are then stored where ever you put them and not in the Library package. In this scenario you are responsible for the File Management. 







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    Great advice. Thanks