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I contact to you on my mother's behalf, since she's not an experienced computer user.


Few months ago She bought, the latest iPod Touch, because she thought it was the easiest and smartest way to store music rather than that she should invest much more money in music systems and stacks of CDs. Since you are able to buy music from iTunes on your iPod.


Yesterday we signed on to her computer, because I knew there had come a new operating system for iPod and other apple devices (IOS5). After we had installed the update on her iPod, it turns out suddenly that all her music on iPod is suddenly gone, so all the music she has purchased through the iTunes Store on her ipod touch is gone.


I must admit that it seems very disturbing that there is any visible opportunity to get her purchased music from the iTunes Store back again.

I can not quite understand why the music has not been synchronized with her computer for all the app's lying on her ipod was imported to iTunes on her computer. But not the purchased music. I would think that you had a kind of library where you could download your purchased music from, but not.


and she has not the "Purchased" button on her device when I she goes into itunes, which I find highly problematic.


I must admit I was very unsure whether I should buy an iPhone 4s now, if all your music disappearing when there are updates and something goes wrong.


Hope we can find a reasonable solution to the problem here, because I do not think it shoud be right that we should buy the same music again.




And sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me, i'm from Denmark.

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    - It appears that the music was not in the iTunes library of the computer on which the update was performed.  The backup that iTunes makes at the beginning of the update (and sync) process does not includ music and some other items since thos are synced to the iPod latter in the update process.

    - When you started the update iTunes shuld have given you a warning that there were iTunes purchases that were not on the computer.

    - The purchased music buton only appears in countries where iCloud has been released. It appears that it is not released yet in Denmark.

    - You need to contact iTunes and explain what happend and request a redownload.  They do not have to give a rdownload since when y purchase music it says you only get one download and it is up to you to backup the music.  See this article for contacting iTunes.

    Apple - Support - iTunes


    You are not addressing Apple in this forum.  We are all users like yurself.