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Using an iMac i5 under Lion, lastest Updates done, mobile-me-Account migrated to iCloud.

I have further an iPhone 3 GS and an iPad 1st Gen (WIFI only); both devices upgraded to iOS5.

Syncing the iPhone with iTunes on the Mac is working like a charm.

Syncing the iPad with iTunes does not work; the corresponding Button in Settings/General/iTunes WLAN sync is greyed out, saying it will process as soon as iTunes on the Mac is running and the iPad is attached on the Power-supply. But neither on Powersupply nor at Batteries any sync can be started.

Syncing via USB is working.

Any idea?

iPad, iOS 5
  • Camping Doc Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    I had the same problem. Here was the solution I found. Connect your iPad to your Mac via cable, just like before. When iTunes starts and recognizes your device, open your iPad in iTunes (Devices), scroll down Summary to Options and click Sync over WiFi. It should work like a champ. That one step - having to enable wifi sync in iTunes - has not been documented anywhere I have found.

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    ooops! that was a quick response! And now it's working...

    Shame on me, should have find out myself..

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    So Wi-Fi sync with iTunes only works in Lion, correct?  Not seeing that option any which way or how when I'm in 10.5...

  • Richard Mackenzie Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Yes, you do need Lion.

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    you must restart your Mac - itunes starts by itself - and now you see your devices (not plugged)


    plug one of your devices to the power cord and it will sync over wifi


    nice - thx apple

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    Here is how it work on both my iphone 4S and Ipad 2.

    OSX 10.7 updated, Ipad Update to ISO 5; Iphone 4S on IOS 5




    Itunes must be running.  Plug in Iphone or Ipad it works the same.


    1.  Under Devices slect iphone or ipad

    2.  Under Summary tab; options check on Sync with this Ipad; iphone over wifi.

    3. Click apply on the bottom right.

    4. Click Sync on the bottom right.


    now you are ready to sync wirelessly with out being connected to power. You do have to do

    it manually but the following works as long as the devices are on.  I have tested with them with

    what I call asleep.  It does work.


    If you are in Itunes on your computer you can select the device you wish to sync and then click on

    sync in the bottom right hand corner.  It will begin to syn and show it on either device.


    In my testing both devices and my Imac are on the same wireless network.



    Next; On your iphone or ipad got to settings



    Once you have synced you are now set to sync wirelessly.  I am not sure yet what gets synced.

    I am still testing that.


    On your device go to settings/general/Itunes Wi-Fi Sync, select Sync now.  In a second or two your device should show that it is syncing right next to the wifi signal indicator.



    I have doing it this way for two days.


    Let me know if I have missed a step or something.


    Hope this helps someone.