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today I notice that one CPU wouldnt recognize the other.

So I went into File Sharing wanting to toggle the switch to turn it off and then on...


It turned off alright but as I tried to turn it on everything but mouse movement froze and I had to hold down the power button for 10 secs to kill power to Mac.


Tried repairing permissions, restting PRAM etc but every time I try to enable File Sharing in System Preferences everything but mouse movement freezes...


If ANYONE has any idea on how to remedy this one, I'd be greatly appreciative




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The problem belongs to HandsOff made by Metakine



Here is the remedy


1) In handsoff click the + icon to add a new rule

2) click the cog wheel and select "Choose System Process"

3) in the dialog hit "Shift+Command+g and in the GoTo Dialog enter '/bin'

4) Choose launchctl

5) Set to allow incoming connections & mark it as a golbal rule


Now you can enable File Sharing in System Preferences

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