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i have 2 back ups on icloud, one from my iphone4 as i did update yesterday, and 1 from my 4s that i got today...


i need my photos from my iphone4 which is on that back up, how to do i put this on a pc, i have downloaded the icloud programme for pc and have tried most things obvious, like deleteling the iphone 4s backup.


but i can't either sync the two backups, or get the iphone 4s to take the iphone 4 backup and download the content from there, i have got my contacts and calender oddly enough on my new iphone.


PLEASE note i no longer have my iphone4, as this is the obvious solution of jus plugging it in and getting the info off....


i believe i have my photos stored also on itunes, in iphotochache folder, but unable to view that either from a pc.


HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP  please and good karma

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    i need to re-admitt my problem, i have deleted my 4s data and trying to recover from a back up from itunes, i did yesterday with my iphone 4, it tells me, restore cannot happen as the file is corrupt?


    this then leaves me with the options of trying to get the photos, which i believe are hopefully somewhere hidden in my computer iphonecache??? but i have a pc, and picturesque is only mac?


    i would like my notes too but mobilesyncbrowser messes them all up?


    could a igenius help me, as it means going into a mac store which is miles away??