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Updated to iOS5 fine on phones. Was able to update apps on phone. Later, go to second phone to update apps, and apple ID no longer works. Go to iTunes store, and cannot access account or make purchases because apple id no longer matches up with orginial password.


Tried to reset password, but it is not working.


We have 3 phones, 2 ipads, and ipods out the wazoo. I planned on using the original apple id to continue to have "master account" for all purchases, then set up 3 apple ids to use cloud services for the 3 phones/2 ipads.


But none of it works without the original apple id working. It is ancient - just a name, not an email. So I am thinking that is the problem. All the iTunes purchase receipts go to a working, current email, but I am sure it was set up long, long ago with an email that no longer exists.


Any ideas?

iOS 5