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I have a Mac that runs Snow Leopard

iTunes is updated

2 iphones

1 iPad


1 Apple ID


After the iso5 update our contacts have merged on the 2 phones.  Trying to find a solution so both iPhone users can manage separate content in iCloud under 1 Apple ID.





iPhone 4, iOS 5, iCloud and Apple ID questions
  • Roth5034 Level 1 (10 points)

    ok i have the same set up as you, (2 iphone 4, same account)

    try going to your settings and under "icloud" turning off the sync contacts and any other content that you want separate.  I hope this helps, or maybe not...

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    You can create more than one icloud ID. Go to   settings  then  Mail,contacts, calendars tap on Add Account then select icloud and create a new free ID.

    After your have your new ID you can manage what is pushed to what ID under settings then Mail,Contacts, Calendars accounts.

  • pjleeson Level 1 (20 points)

    I could only get things to sort correctly by having separate Apple ID's

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    I think many of us have this situation.. good question!

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    I have this same problem as well.  My endgoal would be for both ip4 users to share 1 itunes id and have two separate icloud accounts so that purchased content can be shared with your family member yet your contacts and calenders dont merge.

    At this point, I know of two solutions that arent of my preference. 

    Creating two separate @me addresses through the new ios 5 update during the icloud setup.  The problem is that most people just enter the email address associated with their apple id on both phones before they realize that something is wrong.  After updating both iphones we now have merged information.

    To undo this has been problematic.  The only true solution for this circumstance has been to disable the cloud for 1 of the users in their icloud settings.

    Ideally, you would delete your icloud account on one of the ip4's and redo the setup utilizing a different @me.com address than the other user.  This however, is not possible.  I deleted the icloud account on my iphone hoping that this would allow me to re-enter the information.  However, when setting up the icloud again on the ip4, the previously used email address is already entered with no option for edit. Addionally you are never prompted for creating a new mobileme email account. Thus still sharing information with the other user.