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My iPhone (iPhone 4 with iOS 5) -keeps showing up as "offline" when logged into my iCloud account and using the Find My iPhone feature. My device is certainly online, 3G working, and yes the Find My iPhone option is turned on in my iCloud settings on the phone. This was working fine with my mobileMe and pre iOS5. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • RandyBrown Level 1 Level 1

    this has happened on one of my phones and one of my iPads..  Disabling location services and Find My iPhone, then re-enabling resolved it on both devices.

  • Steve Thomas5 Level 1 Level 1


    I had the same problem. I went to settings, icloud scroll to the bottom and make sure find my iphone is set to on.

    It worked for me.

  • Rose164 Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried resetting you iPhone?  If you haven't: Hold down both the on/off button and the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo shows up on the screen. 


    I hope this helps!  I had the same problem with my iPod, and someone told me to do this, and it fixed my problem.

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    Yeap, this worked for me too.  Before you all think we are dimwits, I did check "Find My iPhone" in Location Services on the phone, and it was on -  But it needs to be turned on in the iCloud section as well before it will work.

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    I recently changed my icloud password online and did not update it in my actual iphone so icloud was not connecting to findmyiphone app. Once I updated my password on my phone it was able to locate my device!

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    I had the same problem (Find my iPhone showed my phone as offline when it wasn't).  What fixed this for me was turning on sync for some of the things in iCloud.  Previously, I had mail, contacts, calendars, etc. all set to "off", except for Find My iPhone, which was set to "on".  I changed Contacts and Calendars to "on", then set Find my iPhone to "off" then "on".  When I did this, a message I sent the phone from "find my iphone" on www.icloud.com came in and Find my iPhone started working.


    I hope this helps someone.

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    Hello. I have the same problem. I checked in privacy as well as The iCloud settings and everything is ok. All systems go. Any ideas?

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    Forgot to mention that i have an iPhone 4 with IOS 6.0.1.

    The phone was bought in UK and it's been unlocked by Orange UK earlier this month and i use it in Romania (eastern Europe)

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    That worked!!!  Thank you Rose!

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    What's strange in my case is that I have the same issue - the phone mysteriously and suddenly stopped responding in iCloud.com Find My iPhone (it reports "Offline"), however the phone location is updated correctly when pinged using the Find My Friends app on another iPhone. I can call the phone and talk to the person, send iMessages, etc.


    I can't reboot the phone since it's about 2,500 miles away right now.


    Somehow, Find My iPhone in iCloud.com is using a different approach to get the phone location than the Find My Friends iOS app. I would have assumed if it's offline in one it would show as offline in the other.


    Anyone know why?