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All of the documents I had on my iPad, in Pages, have been deleted after I added a number of documents to the cloud yesterday. I found that out this morning when I started my iPad. I had added about thirty Pages documents yesterday and created a number of folders to test the system. They synced ok, mixed with those that were already on the iPad, but today they have all disappeared.


Is anyone experiencing something similar?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 4 G Ram
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    Indeed the same problem on my iPad 2. As soon as iCloud is turned on my Pages documents, including those previously saved, were deleted. And in further testing, documents continued being deleted. It is an issue with iCloud, Pages or both in the most recent iOS 5 and Pages 1.5 update. I am sure an update is forthcoming - soon - I hope.


    The immediate work around is to turn off "Use iCloud" in the Pages App (under the Settings app) and as an added precaution turn off Documents & Data under Settings (app)/iCloud/...


    Back to email transfer as the least intrusive method of transferring documents - for now.

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    Here's how I (think) have resolved the problem: you just deactivate the "old" MobileMe from every device in your possession, Mac, Ipad or iPhone. As long as there is still one machine with a functioning "MobileMe" in the System Preferences, this will erase all files on startup. I found it out when I turned on my wife's machine, having forgotten that I had created a temporary user account there to store some of my MobileMe information. As soon as I switched to that user account, zap!, all iWork files disappear. Now that all former MobileMe panels have been deactivated, the remote reset is no longer occurring. or at least so it seems.

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    I think the issue was specifically at the iCloud server end. Apple apparently has resolved the issue there, I believe. My documents are remaining up as they should now, and transfer of Pages/Word docs between systems is normal. The several other complaints in the forum with like issues, I am sure, drew sufficient attention. I have never had a MobileMe account for any of my mobile devices so I would rule that out.


    Apple is paying attention and all is right with the world. Perhaps if we replaced governments with the Apple team, at least till the current economic crisisis is resolved, we might find ourselves in better shape much sooner .

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    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the issue has not been resolved at all: once again, when I turned on my iPad and iPhone this morning, all documents had been deleted again and stored in a Mobile Documents.deleted folder. This makes Documents in the cloud unusable. A reset occurs somewhere along the line at specified, and seemingly regular, intervals.

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    Felix after I received your most recent reply I logged into my Mac's iCloud account and as, you noted, the documents had been deleted...again. I tested Pages from my iPad 2 and confirm same from that end.


    I tested this throughout the day yesterday and it worked fine and continuously (a first, since this problem came to light). iCloud, unfortunately, remains unstable and I will turn off  "Use iCloud" in the Settings (app )/ Pages(set-up) until I receive confirmation from Apple that the issue has been resolved.


    Issues like this are always a problem with early adopters - I do hate being the Guinea Pig.


    Fortunately I have been keeping my Pages/Word documents used on the iPad 2 backed-up via email attachments and on my Mac - however from other posts I have read some are not so fortunate.


    The slightly antiquated adage "back-up and often" remains even more viable in respect to Cloud(e) storage.


    Thanks for the heads up Felix - I'll keep you posted here should I come across something positive.

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    Thank you for keeping me informed. I am in the exact same situation, and until Apple fixes it I will also disable iCloud.

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    I seem to have resolved the issue with a little help from Applecare, proceeding as follows:

    1) Backup all of your iPad and/or iPhone data through iTunes;

    2) click off the "Sync Apps" button in iTunes and perform a "clean" sync of the device (all third party apps will disappear, as well as iWork apps);

    3) Connect to the Appstore on iPad/iPhone and download your apps back, STARTING WITH IWORK APPS;

    4) Sync back again with iTunes.

    After taking these steps, documents in the cloud appears to have resumed regular syncing with no deletions, I will keep everyone posted as to how this solution stands, however it seems to be a conflict between iWork apps and other third party apps. If true, it's hard to believe someone at Apple hasn't posted this workaround somewhere yet. If this workaround is only temporary, let's hope Apple fixes it soon.

    But it's worth trying, no more deletes here!

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    Thanks for sending along the most current workaround/solution. I am determined to wait for the least invasive solution in the form of an iCloud/Pages update. I have far too many apps and the only Pages documents I have were created on my iPad. On my Mac system I use MS Word exclusively for word processing. I chose the Pages app for iPad because it transferred Word/Page formated documents almost seamlessly. No other word-processor iPad app does this as well (at least that I have tried - and I have tried many).


    I have also been in contact with Apple tech support re this issue which is still in process.


    I was amazed to discover that they were not aware of the problem until I mentioned it to them, and pointed out the ever increasing complaints in the Community Forum. Even though this forum is designed exclusively to allow fellow users to help each other - the fact that they credit "Correct" and near correct answers suggests that some monitoring by those-in-the-know takes place. Why this serious issue has gone this long without intervention by Apple is a conundrum. If you follow some of the other posts - this has become a devastating issue for those with no back-up. The more seasoned users have been through this at least once or twice in their computing experience.


    On my last test, documents stayed in iCloud AND on my iPad Pages app for at least twenty hours. I then did a hard reset on my iPad to make some impromtu adjustments to another app ... and in the process my documents were once again deleted.


    Keep me posted should you have any more inadvertant deletions.

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    Everything deleted once again... clearly Applecare didn't have a clue either. I made another appointment with the Expresslane, let's see what suggestion they have now.