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  • shashko20 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi again

    I understand where you come from and how annoying can be when you spend a lot of money for a product that has been rushed,  but from my point of view I'm just sharing an new experience!

    All I'm tryign to say is this: heat is the key element for solving this issue (at least for me anyway) as long ther is like 35C-40C I can confirm for me it's working, if any of you want a pic I'll share it for your piece of mind, but that will be tomorrow after I finish work. That's from me and again if any 1of you try some sort of heat for more then couple of hours please share your experiences.

  • ricky1608 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your experience but as I just wrote it I have try all this and no luck for me ,, if you have a look my

    Previous Message I have send few pictures few days ago and I have try this heat

    Business and I have send you my latest pictures from the test results

    , you are lucky if it's clear for you ,,, I wish mine does but no luck and I am not going to try anything else now ,,

    If it will go it should already after few weeks try ,,,

    I have just check 2 of my friends there 4s 1white,1black both perfect and they say they

    Purchase after new year ,,, dnp and DNx serials ,,, it's very confused this why some have

    And why not others ,, really strange ,, apple knows why but they are not going to tell the truth because

    They know everybody will be sending it back ,,, anyway that's my last write over here but am I be writing 1more

    Tomorrow what's apple going to tell me and I will update you guys ,,, Good luck all you ,,,,

  • ElGrecoVanG Level 1 Level 1

    Oh great :(

    Last Friday i bought my iPhone 4s. Right out of the box it had a small dent, so i got it immediately replaced. One day after i noticed in my second new 4s that my screen is yellowish but i tought it was my film protectr of the screen... nope, its this yellowish tint issue.

    Compared to my iphone 4 screen, the 4s is just UNACCEPTABLE and i am really tired to exchange one more 4s device (dont even know if this can be done in the local store i bought it or even if the new will have the same problem?!)


    Serial No: DNQ...


    Unfortunately i do not know how to upload a screenshot here :(

  • N7Facilities Level 1 Level 1

    The yellow tint on my iphone 4s has gone away except the top of the screen remain part of the yellow tint on it, when it on landscape mode with QWERTY keyboard it clearly shows up the Key : Q , A , W  has yellow tint on it. Even on the other part ,the tint seems goes away but it does not appear a blue tint , it is just neutral pure white.But in my room without lights at night, it appear slightly purple tint in the screen. I though my eyes get use to it but I show it to some of my friends and they totally agree with the yellow tint has gone away a lot compare to I bought it brand new more than a month ago. It is hard to tell the difference on the picture because I does not have a good camera. Photo taken by my old Sony Ericsson  X8 camera appear big different on human eye.


    To upload a picture here just click on the camera icon above the typing box. Sorry for the bad English.

  • N7Facilities Level 1 Level 1

    Black iphone is mine ,white without yellow tint in my friends phone. On real my screen is a lot brighter .IMG_1505.JPGIMG_1506.JPG

  • ElGrecoVanG Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, here is a picture of my iphone 4 right and iphone4s left (2 days old)

    (by the way, none of my collegues iphones are as yellowish as mine )



  • N7Facilities Level 1 Level 1

    The 2nd picture at my post are the one before clearing up, and the top is the 1 I went to my friend house and took a photo with his iphone 4s few days ago. Now my iphone screen appear just like your iphone 4 but not look as purple as your iphone 4 . And the top of my screen still remain slightly yellow tint, that you can see the 1st picture at the top of my iphone screen appear yellow tint on it. The yellow tint just line up at the word "avicii , youtube and the Q , W , A key on the QWERT keyboard

  • ElGrecoVanG Level 1 Level 1

    How long did it take you to get these results? What did you do to achieve this?


    I live in Greece, so weather is slightly hot 17-25c currently but still this entire concept with the yellowish screens is IMHO a major fault of Apple's quality check department.


    I am so much dissapointed! :(

  • N7Facilities Level 1 Level 1

    It took almost a month for me to realize the yellow tint since this is my first iphone, searching for every web nothing solve it , then I jailbreak my ios 5.0.1 with colour profile by cydia to adjust the colour temperature, but the brightness is still low and the root in my heart the problem is not fixed yet just depending on the software. So i updated to ios 5.1 and alot of people say time may solve the problem , so I choose to turn my brightness to max and without turn off the screen when im at home with the power plugged in ,except I went out with my phone. The process took about 2 weeks now .I know my screen is not perfect yet but at least it has improvement. I live is Malaysia and the temperature here is 27~32cU

  • Life-Stream Level 1 Level 1

    This is my third replacement 4s, what do you think about it ?IMG_0121.JPG

  • firingpistonz Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to break the mould. No photos from me


    1) I was wrong earlier. iOS 5.1 DOES NOT solve this issue. This issuse still exists.

    2) I know this is highly frustrating, but comparing with older phones is only going to disappoint you.So please lets move on.For the record my friends ipod touch 1st gen is much brighter and "bluer" compared to mine. I am from India imagine the frustration of buying a premium phone for $700+ and facing such an issue.


    Also the phones that were brought in India do not have this problem but mine and my friend's which were procured from the US have this issue. Strange.


    So the question now is what do we do ? But more importantly what not to do ?


    1) As suggested by fellow owners in the same post and also trying the same, setting the brightness to max and letting it stay the same way for hours is not going to solve this. This is a dead end. For people who think it has worked, i can only say that they've gotten used to the display.

    2) Keeping it near a hot object/surface is not going to solve. For god sakes do not try it. The temperatures of the city where  I reside in range from 24 degrees C to 34 degrees C. So it should've worked for me. But no go.

    3) Storing in a container full of rice or some other grain probably also is not going to solve this.


    So what is this, a defect or did Apple deliberately change the settings.


    There are two ways to look at this. This problem is present in older 3gs and 4 models too.(Colleague's 3gs has horrible yellow tint.It is the worst display i have seen. He claims it was present since the day he bought the phone.) Even in iPod touches. This makes us believe that this is manufacturing defect and apple has not discreetly changed the settings specifically for the 4s.But why such a high number of 4s's are facing the issue?


    But some members have claimed that jailbreaking and changing the colour temp fixes it completely. (Some videos too suggest the same). If so then why does Apple not push this fix silently in its updates. Why torture its customers ? This baffles me.


    Anyway without digressing we have three options :


    1) Jailbreak your device and change the temperature of the screen. (I am not going to do this)

    2) Be highly optimistic and wait for apple to fix this through an update. This is assuming that this is not a manufacturing defect and is fixable.

    3) The last option.Sell it online and settle for a different phone. (Will not do this too as I have paid a fortune and going to stick with it for a few yrs)


    I personally do not think there is an ad-hoc solution tot his. Sorry to burst the bubble.


    There you. Advance apologies if I've trolled/ranted/made grammatical/spelling mistakes. I really do hope Apple fixes this/ announces a buyback. (Knowing apple this is highly unlikely to occur).If so someone please prove me wrong and hope they find a solution.



  • ElGrecoVanG Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your inputs!


    I just came back from the local dealer I purchased 3 days ago my iphone 4s and he said that:

    "Unfortunately this screen color/contrast issue is not listed in Apple's malfunctions list for iPhones and as so he cannot proceed with the exchange of my device with a new one." He can send it to the central service department and if they find it problematic, they will replace my phone with a refurbrished one.


    This idea/concept is simply unacceptable and I am so much dissapointed not only by Apple, but also by the Apple support adopted by Apple's distributers here in Greece

  • Mykel7 Level 1 Level 1

    For the last time, this is a hardware issue not a software, regardless of how many times you upgrade the version of the IOS, the problem is still there. The best solution for now is try to replace your units to the apple store where the unit is bought. Apple will never  acknowledge this display defect issue, because almost all of the iphone 4s being produced in their sub-con manufacturers (Fox-conn, etc.) have this issue. We can help stop this carnage by informing our families, friends who are planning to buy an iphone 4s, information is power. For the sake of all of us,let us not spend more money in buying this defective iphones, I'm also a victim just like you.

  • ricky1608 Level 1 Level 1

    I absolutely agree mate ,,,well just to quick update

    There is nobody contact me from apple yet ,,'lets see what they are going to come up


  • AstroMacMan Level 2 Level 2
    Photos for Mac

    Given all that I've seen and read, they've moved to a much warmer, yellow-white tint for the screens.  It's easy enough to get used to--don't drive yourself batty as I did.  I bought several iPhone 4s until I found one that had the same bluish-white tint as my old, trusty iPod 2G.  It involved a lot of time, money, hassle.


    However, photos do look better, often, on the cream colored screen, and it seemed brighter than the bluish-white screen a bit, too.  It was amazing also how bad the old bluish-white screen looked after spending many days with a cream colored one.  Well, I shouldn't say bad, but rather how obviously blue, distractingly blue the older screen was.


    Still, I ended up keeping the iPhone 4 with the bw screen rather than the yw one as that's what I was used to.


    Apple clearly needs to add a screen temperature setting to its software--much as we have is OS X!

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