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    the apple shop saying to me its normal how come is normal its

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    yingcong6 wrote:


    This is a picture of my iphone 4s, and I notice the light bleeding on top

    Some of the display model at the apple store does seem to have light bleed as I can definitely see them. But also, not sure if you edited your previous post before this one, but when you screen capture, it won't show the yellow tint at all, it has something to do with the LCD so even if you do have the yellow tint and you screen capture, it will show normally when you e-mail that and view on your computer, not the iOS. So you will have to take a different device, like the camera and take a picture of your phone. Then we can well if it has a yellow tint or not.

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    I found the screen capture picture is so distorted in color hue so I edited my post and take a picture with my old htc phone. The result is quite different. And I also did the comparison with my friend's iPhone 4. The color hue is Very  washed out and much much warmer in my phone, especially noticeable when I go to the web page written with brown not black color characters.

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    I received my iPhone 4s last weekend. Not only it's yellow comparing to my iPhone 4 it's also unsharp and blurry.


    Here are two pictures showing them together. Do I have to tell you which one is the 4s? _compare1.jpg




    The 4s is going back to where I got it from and they told me they must first check it before I eventually get a replaced unit. It can take up to 3-4 weeks. That's the service in Sweden!

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    i think apple should seriously consider adding the ability of adjusting screen color properties in their next update.


    in my country, there are no apple stores, so no genius bars. apple resellers won't agree to replace the iphones with yellow tint. they say, it is totally normal and cannot be considered as "broken".


    users with jailbroken phones can adjust the colors with an application, so yellow screen goes away. i don't want to jb my phone. i think having an official color adjustment option won't be that hard.

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    I got one back in January. The tint is not exactly yellow. It's more of a brown yellow but I am noticing this, when I Pick up my iPhone sometimes it displays a yellow/brown tint. But when I use it it gets more white, not exact Perfect white but white. Can someone explain why the screen does this also I have auto brightness off or on and it still does it.


    This whole yellow/brown/white screen thing is irratating me!!!!!!

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    The screen is not going to change as however long you use the phone with or without full brightness. If you see the change, your eyes are probably adopted to the screen when you use the phone for a certain time. My 4s is very warm( maybe I should call it yellow) compared to me friend's more than one year old iphone 4. I have my computer which has  whiter screen hue than my 4s. That's why I can observe the 4s tint doesn't change at all as time goes because I always switch using my phone and computer. If you need to see the change, you have to set an object to compare with, otherwise, it's not going to be exact.

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    Not true.  I had a iphone 4s with a yellowish screen.  I left in on all night at full brightness. The next day the whites were whiter (as compared to my older 4s with a nice white screen.)


    After I turned if off and came bck to it a few hours later, it was back to a more yellow screen.  I've tried this several times.  Whenever I leave it on at full brightness the screen loses it's yellow tint.  But turning it off and coming back to it later, it reutrns to its warmer tint.


    And I know it DOES change because I compare it to a well calibrated screen.

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    So that's the problem. The phone can't automatically healed itself, especially u can see the screen whiter under the yellow or dim lights. When u simply take the phone and open a white screen like a blank web page under a tree or in the car. U will see how yellow the screen it while my friend' s iPhone 4 is still snow white under any not completely yellow, but it's kind of like the brown yellow. It s not good at all to me. If you play infinite blade2 , just compare the color of the sky. U can see that on 4 the sky is blue while in 4s is grey blue. And the dark is not dark in 4s like the color is explored. And compare the pictures, u can see the pictures are taken from 4s is much yellower. That's not acceptable to me. This 4s is my first iPhone device I have used. If I used 4 before, I would simply return it. I don't know why so many 4 users upgrade it phone to 4s.basically all the games run on 4s is workable on 4.

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    Check this website out and see the differences between the 2 screen tints of iphone 4 and iphone 4s.

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    Yes I forgot to add that it comes back. I will pick it up it's yellow brown. When it warms up it turns kind of white. But then it goes back. I hate this whole screen issue

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    Also mine is beyond washed out the bottom bar of safari is very gray and not bluish.

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    Also one more thIng is the contrast changes too. It will have some nice colors then sometimesit will turn almost black and white then it can go back. I thing my screen has a mind of its own.

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    Ok. So I picked up a black 32GB iPhone 4s, and low and behold - yellow tint.  I noticed it right off after getting it setup at home partly as I have been calibrating my own Home Theaters for some 15 years. But man!  I did not expect to find SO MUCH discussion about it all over the Internet with little to no comment from Apple. I am totally shocked!


    I am also kinda sad because it sounds like there is no real fix.


    Right now I am trying the full brightness with no lock screen to see, but that sound fruitless.


    Does this mean I have to go "girlie" and get a white iPhone 4s?!?!


    I mean for almost $300 this is a real show-stopper IMHO.

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    Actually it doesn't matter! The whites and the blacks both have it. BUYING AN IPHONE SHOULD NOT BE LIKE PLAYING THE LOTTERY!!!!!   You just have to have plain luck to get a good one!

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