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  • Lyrio Level 1 (0 points)

    have the same trouble (iPhone 4S screen tint) and just now I realize that when I compare with my friend's iPhone 4. They change to another iPhone 4S?! I'm really disappointed with Apple... I paid almost $ 1000 for a iPhone 4S unlock 64GB

  • skybax Level 2 (385 points)

    I still have at least one of each model iPhone and several of a few models and not a one is the same exact tint. I like the warm ones a bit more I suppose but fundamentally I don't give a care. Get over it, enjoy what you got and don't judge

    iPhone by its color.

  • dfran1 Level 1 (10 points)

    people skybax is rich and will reimburse you for your crappy iPhone screens!


    Its either idiots or drones like skybax that make apple rip us off.





    apple does not care what you want only what they want you to have!


    There is no more innovation in their ios devices and consistency!


    The iPhone 5 has scratches on the back and its a crapshoot to get a good one out of the box (of course most people {drones, followers} don't care), these are top dollar phones that offer far less than other options!


    in 2 months i'm selling my 4s and going android, much more innovative, by far!!!!!

  • Lyrio Level 1 (0 points)

    Skybax, I have no right to disappoint me? If you have enough money to not care about the lack of standardization of Appl, keep buying her products without critical sense and further enriching the company.


    Long live democracy!!

  • Arif.Raquib Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey, can you send me the screenshots of the color profiles sliders to show me how you got rid of the yellow tit?

    My iPhone 4S has the yellow tint and color profiles installed, I just need to know how exactly you put your sliders to get rid of it.

  • Angelii Level 1 (0 points)

    I just got my first iphone.  it is the 4s.  I purchased my first mac, the retina pro disp., this summer.  I am extremely disappointed with the iphone because of this yellowish tint.  it is a completely outraging though that this huge company is getting away with having the screen not only appear a different color, but as said above, it is NOT CLEAR, CRISP, CONCISE AS IT SHOULD BE!!!  If some phones are, ALL PHONES SHOULD BE!!  its really disgusting that a huge company has not fixed this problem since 2011, and that they tell people that nothing is wrong with the phone, the phone works so the screen doesnt matter!  That is such a load of CRAP!!  Where are the manufacturing standards!  They are letting China manufacture them so they can make even more money, which is ok,  IF THEY KEEP THE MANUFACTURING STANDARDS THAT APPLE SHOULD HAVE IN PLACE!!!  I am on my 3rd phone...they have all been the same yellowish tint screen, which, again, is just a bad screen mostly because it is harder to view all things/pics/words/  its unclear and unprecise!  I guess then, a bit blurry!  This is unacceptable!! I will not keep this 3rd phone either.  I have the Mac pro retina display, and it's gorgeous.  Now, i know the 4s isnt the mac pro, or the 5 with retina, however, it is supposed to have retina display as well!!! AND IT IS NOWHERE NEAR RETINA DISPLAY WITH THE SCREEN IN THIS YELLOWISH TINT, UNCLEAN CONDITION.

    I am outraged.  I want my money back and want to get a different phone, not an apple phone.

  • VeereshD Level 1 (0 points)

    I did compare tens of iPhone 4S including 5 phones with iPhone 4, and all seem to be tinted.   Nothing is as bright and contrast than my iPhone 4.  All those looks having cheap display screens and the content not at all looking real.  I am surprised that how can they release it in the market with such an extent of difference in the display quality.  I never expected such a low or out-of-standard quality of products from Apple.  I even replaced twice with AT&T and at Apple store, and every new piece looking more tinted than other.  Finally, I decided not to go for iPhone 4S and onwards.  The same case with my 50+ friends', most of them are not satisified with it. 

  • YapSS Level 1 (0 points)

    Same case like VeereshD here.


    I got my second iphone for my wife. Compared more then 10 iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. The result, my first iPhone 4s is the best display among those I compared. My newly bought iPhone 4s are the WORST among the rest I compare. >.<


    Anyway, the best part now get me fully fed up when my telco who I got second iPhone from told me that Apple does not give warranty on yellow tint issue. I was what the hack? Not even want to help to fix? Some more the support ppl tell me to go repair shop out there to fix it with some cost. WHY CANT APPLE DO THIS?


    Anyway I think no more Apple for me and my family.

  • pedrofromguimar Level 1 (0 points)

    It is not a glue problem. I had my iPhone 4s screen allright, with crisp and rich colors with ios 5.1.1, but today I upgraded to iOS 6.1.2, and i have a yellow tint (that's why I am complaining here).




    From the first moment this happened I remembered that apple slogan from the iPhone 5 campaign, that said that iPhone 5 has a lot more of contrast and colors.

    It is not true, they have almost the same, but they are forcing us to switch, making older models worse.  If you put now your iPhone 4s near an iPhone 5 now the screen look like a piece of ****, but yesterday it was allright!!





  • RyanCheong Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the info. At least now I feel much better knowing that its a software issue rather than a hardware problem which is permernant. Time to get color profiles from Cydia.

  • VeereshD Level 1 (0 points)

    I completely agree with you, it is sort of malfunction with color profile and Apple not even bothering to fix it.  Its ratina display is of no use.  I decided not to go for iPhone 4s+ version, its not worth.

  • Mac Medic ( Level 6 (17,290 points)

    All Apple has to do is build a gamma adjustment in Settings. EVERY screen could be set perfect.

  • VeereshD Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, they got to fix all display issues through updates, but Apple still not doing anything in spite of 1000s of post on web.  Not sure why Apple missed this basic screen/display testing so deliberately.  We are paying so much money for it not to have tinted phone with display inconsisten among their phones itself.

  • Mac Medic ( Level 6 (17,290 points)

    Send everyone you know here and suggest a gamma adjustment like Springtomize uses on a JB iPhone.

  • Angelii Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I let go of all of my anger from my original post, because it wasn't doing me any good of course.  However, I still pursued justice.  For a few months, I made a lot of effort in a kind, laid back way, to get it right with the phone, 4s, and screen color.  I was very persistent, doing everything apple told me to do.  I ended up having an open case with apple.  Each time I would call, I would speak with a new supervisor, if mine wasn't available. They were all trying to help, but in different ways with different ideas of what I should do.  I then spoke to one that was really on top of it.  He sent me 3 phones total.  Two of those had the same screen tint problem and i sent back.  One of them was a little better, but had a different problem.  Well, i ended up fixing the problem and keeping the one with a screen that was a little more clear, although it does not have a blue/original/normal/retina display type tint.  It is still brighter/crisper/with more clarity than all of the other 5.  Anyway, the screen is still not the same.  That last supervisor was saying that he would take the next step if we can't get it right which would be to get me a different phne.  He wouldn't say for sure if it would be the 5, or if I would have to pay the extra money for it if it was the 5.  Then, he told me to make a stop at the I-phone store in Berkely, and they would switch out the phone there.  So, he didn't really do what he said he was gon do anyway, although he and apple were still going to get me a phone with the better screen.  The total phones i have been through is 6. And when I go to the Berkeley store, they guy there didn't think that I would get a phone with the right screen and after much talking, he told me he would indeed open up and turn on phones until we found one with the screen.  I was already there so long, trying to explain my saga to yet another new person, and so yes, apple got me where they wanted me...done. Done wasting my time and done wasting resources.  So, I told him to forget it, after he told me that if anything happens to my phone bacause of this hardware issue, it would be replaced.  Now that I think back, I should have just let him open all of them.  But i really didn't want to waste anymore phones or time at that point, since i had an ok screen finally.  I may go back still because they will just reuse those phones we open anyway.  What i definitely won't do is buy an iphone 5 in the future.  I think it is really shady that apple is not fixing this problem.  And from what a couple of you just posted, it may indeed be a software problem, as someone posted that the screen changed color after an update.  And the biggest reason why i will not buy a 5, or whatever apple phone in the future, is because, again the shadiness.  The girl in the Corte Madera store telling me that this is just how it is now, and there is nothing wrong with my phone. The people selling them in Verizon are even saying that screen color is not a phone issue...becasue the phone works fine!!! Hahaha, yes there ****** is a problem!! And anyway, those supervisors did say that it was a problem, and that's why they helped me as much as they did.  However, i am REALLY concerned that about 10 apple people(all but one of them that I talked with) along my venture have said that they never heard of this issue before, including those supervisors.  Shady!! Apple is really lost without Steve I guess. Sad. They are just not caring about the phone quality, no doubt focused on new products to make money from, and seems like they are telling all of apple employees to never admit there is a problem!!! Because they know!!!!