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One of the things I like about the iPhone is the ease of sending SMS messages to groups of people.  There is a group of 5 people I regularly send texts to, so in the Messages App, I just select the group from the list of messages, compose the message and the iPhone sends a message to each person in the group (so 5 texts in this case).


Within the group of people, some have iPhones the rest don't.


I've already used iMessage to send messages to individual people within this group who have upgraded to IOS 5.  In the list of messages to these people, SMS messages are green, iMessages are blue and the text entry box says iMessage.


However in the group messages I've sent, the messages are green and the text entry box says Text Message, even though some people within the group are capable of receiving iMessages.


I was wondering for group messages if iMessage is smart enough to send iMessages to the people who can receive them and texts to the rest that aren't.  The current user interface implies that everyone is getting a text, even though some can receive iMessages.  I will need to check my next itemised bill to see what is actually being sent.


Maybe the user interface would be just too complicated to represent a mixed group of text messages and iMessages?


Not a big deal but just wondering...

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    How do you set up a group to text with iOS5?  What are the instructions?  I could really use this!!!



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    Subscribed..  Want to see how to do this too!

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    Group messages are done by setting Group Messaging to ON (Settings -> Messages) must set both MMS Messaging and Group Messaging to ON.  Then you simply put multiple Addresses on the "TO" line.  If you put a phone number in the "TO" line then the message goes to that single device.  If you put the recipient's email address which should also be their Apple-id then the message will go to all their iDevices running iOS 5.


    My testing indicates that all recipients must be using iOS 5 in order for the message to be sent via imessaging. 


    The advantage of iMessage group messages is that any replys are sent to all members of the group.


    Prior to iMessage, a message could be sent to multiple addresses but any replies went only to the sender.

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    OK, thanks, I got that.  I thought you could select the entire group at once like you can on a Mac email.


    With my old phones I could set up group names for text messages like, "District Managers".  Then when I selected District Managers the text went to all people I had assigned to that group.


    Doing it one at a time works, but is just more time consuming..


    This is a recommentation I sent to Apple after first getting an iphone.  I also suggested you should be able to assign email groups on your phone when you add contacts.  The only way I know to do that now is add the contact on your phone, then when you get to your computer assign the person to a group.

    It would be nice to do it all when you add the contact from the phone.  Same would be good for text groups.  Sent suggestion in for both these two years ago..

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    Not sure why, but when I go to my settings, I don't see "Group Messaging" as an option.


    I'm running iOS 5 on an iPhone 3GS

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    Check that you have MMS turned on. Group Messaging appears once MMS is on.

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    I have this problem with iMessage group messaging...


    English is not my native language so I apologize if I not express myself correctly. A few days ago my daughter, who does not have an iPhone or iMessage account sent my wife and me (we have iPhones / iCloud) an MMS with a photo of some cookies that she had baked. After that my daughter has been marked as IMessage user and we can not send her sms unless we deactivate iMessage in the settings.


    I deleted her from my contacts and created a new contact and nothing... same thing



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    I think this is a big issue.  To the original poster, I have the same inquiry.  I am on a 200 texts per month plan.  If someone starts a group message or chat, and there are a few people in there without iOS 5, then EVERYTHING is a text message.  It does not differentiate who is using iOS 5 or not in this case, which I think is ridiculous.  If I can text for free, I'm not going to fork out more than $5 per month (my current plan) for texting.  However, since iOS 5 came out and there are a lot of people in my family with iPhones (some upgraded, some not), it would be nice to not count everything as a text.  It's quite upsetting to be honest.  Doesn't seem that difficult to program something that differentiates iOS 5 users and non-iOS 5 users.

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    Just to add to my original post on this... I've checked my bill itemisation and for messages with multiple recipients, some capable of receiving iMessages and the rest text messages, the iPhone sends ALL messages as text messages.


    For example, I sent a message to 4 recipients; 2 recipients with IOS5 who can receive iMessages and 2 recipients who don't have iPhones.  The iPhone sent all 4 messages as text messages that appear on my bill from Vodafone.


    Now this isn't a big deal for me as I have unlimited texts from Vodafone so sending texts instead of iMessages doesn't cost me anything anyway - as long as I am in the UK.


    However if I was roaming outside the UK, connected by wifi and sending a message to multiple recipients, I may think that I won't be charged for people who can receive iMessages, but in reality, I would be charged roaming rates for all messages.  If I didn't want to pay roaming rates, then I would need to send the iMessages separately, rather than one message with multiple recipients.