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I have two Macs (Macbook Air 2011 and Mac Mini late 2010) with Mac OS X 10.7.2, both have latest iTunes.  I installed iOS 5 on my iPhone 4.


iTunes on Macbook Air is configured to sync Apps and Podcasts, iTunes on Mini is configured to sync music, ringtones and books.  Both are set to sync wirelessly.


I synced my iPhone with my Macbook at work after installing iOS 5, apps and podcasts were installed properly.  At home I synced with the Mini and got my music back on the iPhone.  Apps appeared to be still present, did not check podcasts.


This morning I then synced again with my Macbook Air at work, and the music was deleted.  I do not have sync music checked.  Of course I cannot get the music back until I go home.


I have not yet moved to iCloud, maybe that will help some, but I have a lot of non-iTunes Store music via CDs...

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)