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PhotoStream is neat but you can't delete phots from it so ALL the photos, even the mistakes, etc. go to PhotoStream... unless you turn on Airplane mode first.  This works if you want to delete bad photos before they get synced to Photostream.  Before taking pics - turn on Airplane mode - this will stop wifi, etc.  Now take as many pics as you want then go through the camera roll and delete the bad ones, mistakes, etc. so you just have the pics you want.  Then turn Airplane mode off and PhotoStream will just upload the photos you've chosen.


Obviously, this won't work for pics taken in a hurry but when taking a bunch of pics on vacation, it'd be easy to do this - worked for me so far.

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    Good tip. Thanks.

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    I am going to assume that icloud only works from your phone when you're on wifi? I was at a seminar today and took some pictures. I kept telling my wife to check the photostream on her macbook. Nothing...


    I was thinking either i have a setting wrong, but thats not true because it worked last night, or the icloud servers are swamped, which makes sense and is ok from my view at the moment.


    But if it only works via wi-fi that is going to suck.


    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions???



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    photostream is ******* useless. I've clients waiting on photos and the bloody thing has stopped working Well done Apple - that's progress - did Jobs really sanction this?

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    I cant even get mine to work everything is on and I take pics and they go to photo stream on my phone but even getting out of camera mode and connect to wi-fi it still wont send to my pc. The icloud.com doesnt show photo stream or anything about photos.. could there be a problem there? When I go to the icloud control panel it shows that it is on and the folder where the pics "should" be going but nothing gets sent???? Any advice??

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    Yes you do need wifi to use iCloud. The reason turning Airplane mode off/on helps this is because doing so resets the wifi network.

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    Hello. I wanted to know if this post is still applicable. If I take a photo or video with an iPhone 5 (iOS 8.3) and erase this photo/video before turning the airplane mode on, is it any way that it will sync with iCloud or Photostream?