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So I downloaded the iCloud control panel and set out to migrate from Mobile Me to iCloud, but the process hangs and then errors out at a point when iCloud status appears to be doing something with the contacts.   I get this error that I sent along to the Apple folks:


Error: 0x80040604: No reason set


I'm running Windows 7 professional, Outlook 2007 and the Mobile Me control panel was unistalled prior to installation of iCloud control panel.


What to try?

iCloud, Windows 7
  • PFox78 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    I'm getting the exact same problem. It's incredibly frustrating. I thought that the launch of iCloud would make things easier, but it's full of glitches and my computer is now no longer in sync with my iPhone and iPad

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    The same is here. The MS Outlook 2010 SP1. It does synchronized the Calendar events using iTunes from PC Outlook using wired sync as it did before. But ever since iOS5 upgrade it stopped doing the same for Contacts. I assumed that installing iCloud for PC (iCloud Control Panel) should take care of it. But it fails randomly with this error message:


    Your setup couldn't be started because of an unexpected error.


    Error: 0x80040604: No reason set


    iCould, Windows 7, MS Outlook 2010 SP1

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    I also had exactly the same problem when syncing my contacts.  I am using Windoes 7 Professional and Outlook 2010.

    I previously had mobileme installed which I removed prior to installing the iCloud control panel.

    I got the error: iCloud Setup for Outlook Error Report - Error: 0x80040604: No reason set


    Very frustrating.  I also have a separate error when syncing my calendar:

    "Apple Outlook DAV Config has stopped working" when I try to sync my Outlook with iCloud using the iCloud Control Panel.


    I thought iCloud would be better than mobileme.  In retrospect, mobileme was much better.

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    Same problem here.  So, just sort of tagging this post so it's a bit easier to find, in case someone discovers a solution.

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    OK, I found the solution to this after spending about 2.5 hours on the phone with Apple Care yesterday in which we went through a whole bunch of troubleshooting. I'll mention the steps we took here:


    -We created another user account in Windows and tried doing an iCloud sync with Outlook. That worked fine, although it was not a solution as I have all my settings/programs in my main account.


    -We then went back to my user account in Windows and through msconfig, tried to do a bare-bones startup to see if there were any programs that were launching on startup that were conflicting with iCloud setup. There weren't.


    -Finally, we figured out that the main difference between the Oulook on the main user account and the new user account in Windows was the fact that the Outlook file in the latter was empty.


    SO, what we decided to do was delete all the contacts in my Outlook (after backing them up, of course), then trying iCloud again. At this point, all the contacts that were on my phone/iCloud account were transferred back to Outlook and everything now works like a charm. It appears that the issue in question was that there was miscommunication of some sort between the contacts that were in my Outlook and the ones in iCloud.


    You may want to try this solution. If you do, let us know if it worked as well for you as it did for me.

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    Your solution worked for me, PFox78!   Thanks for sharing the result of your troubleshooting with Apple!   Fortunately, I already had most of the contacts uploaded to the iCloud via other synchronized devices ... However, I'll need to compare the backed up contacts I deleted with the iCloud version saved to see if I lost any in the transition between Mobile Me and iCloud.



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    Yes, that's the solution.  I had all my contacts on mobileme (then moved to iCloud) and all my other iOS devices so I just deleted all my contacts in my outlook and then ran the sync tool....and bingo!  Whew.  Thanks for the tip!

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    Wish that worked for me.  Got all way through it only to have the iCloud plugin crash Outlook over and over and over. Had to remove it.  I'm running Office 2007 x64, so I'm guessing Apple still hasn't picked up support for x64.  Can't seem to find any info on compatibility either.


    So now I've got no contacts in Outlook.  Just be careful when doing this.

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    The solution works, but for 32-bit Office. I have a 64-bit system but installed the 32-bit program — as per Microsoft's recommendation (see: s-HA101674631.aspx).


    Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that most add-ins, including iCloud, don't work with the 64-bit Office. So, I'd recommend uninstalling it and re-installing the 32-bit version. They both come on the same disk.


    Furthermore, as for your line "so, now I've got no contacts in Outlook," which part of my note did you not understand when I said: "SO, what we decided to do was delete all the contacts in my Outlook (after backing them up, of course), then trying iCloud again."


    I'm sorry, but who doesn't back stuff like that up if they're making a major change to their system? That's your fault; don't put the blame on others.

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    I have Win7, Outlook 2010 SP 1 64-bit ver. 14.0.6106.5005, it seems like now everything is working fine. Yes, I had to back up and clean the old contact folders as recommended in PFox78 post.  Then had to move the ICloud contacts folder to the top, so that Outlook picks up the contacts from the iCloud and saves them to the iCloud by default. What I lost is the contact suggestion popup, but it is not a big deal and can be recovered.

    The calendar Dav error has gone as well.

    In two words, the 64 bit is working just fine. I would suggest to make sure you picked up the right version of iCloud for Windows.

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    The 64 bit Windows or the 64 bit Outlook? or both?

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    Both Win7 Ultimate 64 bit and outlook 2010 64 bit, btw that's the only difference I noticed with the posts above, my version is MS Office 2010, it seems like they refer to the Office 2007. The plugin for the iCloud is obviously 64 bit as well.

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    Here are two things that helped. I'm not sure which really did the job, but I did both, and then it all came together.


    1. Delete ALL contacts from iCloud. I'll assume you have another copy of them somewhere as I did.

    2. UnInstall MobileMe from Windows using Control Panel.


    All of a sudden - as if by magic - Outlook Contacts / iCloud sync worked just fine.


    Do remember that you'll have a separate folder in Outlook Contacts called Contacts in iCloud. This is not as neat and tidy as it was in MobileMe, but hey . . . what are the choices?

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