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Wait, everyone says iCloud won't work with Snow Leopard... but as long as I can get iTunes 10.5, iPhoto 9.2, and safari 5 and have a compatible iOS device to set up the iCloud account, what exactly would I be missing???

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), earliest MacBook, no Lion
  • ThirdGenSeaborns Level 1 (5 points)

    From my research it looks like you cannot stream photos or sync icloud with your MAC

  • KLasc Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, I now assume that SOME functions won't work. I'm trying to figure out which ones. I've read the other discussions on iCloud and Snow Leopard, but in many cases they degenerate into complaints about no 10.6 support from iCloud.


    What would be helpful here for me--and hopefully for others as well--would be to generate a list of iCloud features that do/do not seem to work if one is running Snow Leopard. I myself am not yet able to try this, but am considering purchasing an iOS5 device and am hoping to find out what will or won't work between that device and a computer limited to OS 10.6. So if you DO have that kind of set up, your input would be especially appreciated.


    Here are some of the issues I'm especially interested in, though list is not exhaustive:
    1) Does photostream work on mac assuming one upgrades to iPhoto 9.2?

    2) Does wireless syncing/backing up of iOS 5 devices work assuming one upgrades to iTunes 10.5?
    3) Are there limits on any of the web features available at once an icloud account has been created from the iOS5 device?
    4) Can apps, music and books still be accessed from a 'Purchased' menu across devices, regardless of the device used to buy them? And if yes, can 'automatic download' be enabled so that content purchased on one device will automatically download on the others?

    5) Can one's iCloud account be accessed in Snow Leopard's versions of Mail, iCal and Address Book? (I'm assuming that no, without OS 10.7 one's iCloud account will only be accessible through the webpage and not within the applications themselves).

    6) Will iTunes Match be able to use/sync a library on a computer running Snow Leopard?



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    I just update to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and purchased the iPhoto '11 9.2. Photostream does not appear to work with Snow Leopard. There is no option to turn the iCloud client on with the snow leopard OS and therefore not a way to stream.

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    At the moment, if you are a MobileMe user on Snow Leoaprd - and you update to iCloud, you will immediately lose:


    1. Contacts syncing
    2. Calendar syncing
    3. Bookmarks syncing


    You will not have access Photo Streaming.


    At the moment even Lion doesn't have native (Finder) access to Documents in the Cloud. However it is almost certain that Lion will get access to Documents in the Cloud.


    However, all of the iTunes features will work on Snow Leopard (Wireless Sync, Purchased Items, Automatic Download, iTunes Match).





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    very helpful- many thanks!

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    Snow Leopard will not work with iCloud. It requires Lion 10.7.2. Only with 10.7.2 will you get the iCloud System Preference pane that will let you sync data.


    See this link for system requirements:



    You can view your iCloud data via but it will not sync with your iCal or Addressbook.

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    Based on the link posted by MaxGuru, it appears that if I use Windows Vista on Bootcamp I can sync my calendars and my contacts just as I am doing with mobileme. I am running OS X 10.6.8 on my 24 inch iMac. Has anyone tried using Winows with Bootcamp to use these sync features? Ifind it strange that as a Mac buyer I must upgrade my software, but as a Windows user I can just chug along......I do not want to use Lion, but I would if Rosetta was available for it. Too much expensive older software to replace. I set up google calendars and address book as a work around; seems to work OK

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    Harvey Scherr wrote:


    Based on the link posted by MaxGuru, it appears that if I use Windows Vista on Bootcamp I can sync my calendars and my contacts just as I am doing with mobileme.



    Yes Vista ( Win7 too ) + Outlook 2007 (2010 too ) fully supports iCloud . Apple provides a free "icloud controlpanel", after this is installed , Windows can sync Adresses,Mail,Calendar,Bookmarks and Photostream from and to iCloud and also to iOS5 devices and Lion-Macs.

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    Here are the PC requirements for iCloud according to Apple (from

    • Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista (Service Pack 2 or later)
    • iCloud Control Panel 1.0
    • iTunes 10.5
    • Outlook 2007 or 2010 (recommended for Contacts and Calendar)
    • Safari 5.1.1 or Internet Explorer 8 or later (for Bookmarks)
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    Thanks to Max Guru and Sjazbec for your responses. For now I will continue to use mobileme until next June, and then I will probably use Boot Camp with Vista to sync my iphone 4 and ipad 2 to my imac. Although I doubt it, based on Apple's arrogance, maybe they will develop a Rosetta substitute for us Mac users who cannot afford to replace thousands of $$ in perfectly functional software, or they could also release the phantom OS X 10.6.9 that was mentioned in several forums. As I said, I doubt it, their success has made them arrogant and willing to turn their backs on the customers who made them what they are today, same old story, success breeds contempt.

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    I wouldn't count on a Rosetta version. PPC-only software is pretty limited now as the last PPC Mac was made in 2005. It is really more of a problem with software companies who wouldn't/won't update their software in last 6 years. Apple needs to keep selling us new hardware to satisfy their shareholders, there is no money to be made from keeping abandoned technologies going.


    My solution is to keep my G5 around just to run PPC-only apps. My new i5-iMac runs circles around the dual-G5 PowerMac. I have found replacements for most everything so it will soon be sold.

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    So just to confirm:


    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS5

    I am running updated iTunes 10.5

    But my MacBook doesn't have Lion


    Right now, anything I enter into iCal on my iPhone does not sync to the iCal on my computer via the cloud.  Is that because I would need to update to Lion in order for it to do that?

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    I have two employees who are assigned MacBook Pro Core Duo's and therefore cannot run Lion. I have a new(er) MacBook Pro which runs an experimental copy of Lion on a partition but is also a Snow Leopard machine.


    Currently we all edit the on-line MobileMe Calendars--we have four of them color coded. We just deal with the on-line document and do not care about "syncing" per se. I am trying to figure out whether we could do the same thing if I opened an iCloud account--edit on-line iCloud Calendars from whatever 5.x version of Safari just as we do now with MobileMe.


    I had thought this would be a simple question but have been unable to get a clear answer. Apple says about Snow Leopard/iCloud limitations in KB article HT4929, "If you want to check your iCloud Calendars, you can do so by visiting from a Mac or PC (as long as it meets the browser requirements for" So the question left begging regards just wanting to go one step further and edit iCloud Calendars rather than just view them. Again, I don't care about sync; I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the cloud. Any bits o' wisdom most appreciated.

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