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I'm currently experiencing issues when trying to access iCloud Mail which is visible in two places:


  - on a iOS device (iPad and iPhone): when opening Mail.app and trying to check my iCloud Inbox:

      "Cannot Get Mail" "The user name or password for 'iCloud' is incorrect."

   - on http://www.icloud.com: when clicking the Mail icon:

     "Cannot Load Mail" "Help Apple improve iCloud by reporting this problem." [Reload] [Report to Apple] [Close Mail]


Oddly enough synching Contacts and Calendar items works fine on the iOS device (so username and password are obviously correct), and logging onto http://www.icloud.com using these credentials with use of all other application icons (Contacts, Calendar, Find my iPhone) seems to work also.


I created a "free" me.com account to enable "Find my iPhone" when iOS 4 was released (which doesn't include mail), and already had a Apple ID. Presumably these got merged now, maybe contributing to the issue?


iCloud is only available to me through the web or my iOS devices, I currently don't have Lion installed.



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