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I've just updated to iPhone 4S and when I set it up I pressed 'restore from iTunes' but I then realised this was an old backup because I'd downloaded iOS 5 a few days earlier and changed it to back up in iCloud. So, I decided to restore and start the process again.


For some reason, this prompted a download of iOS 5 (despite the fact the 4S has it pre-installed), so I waited for that and then it restored the phone completely, this time to the correct backup. I then start playing with the phone and go to have a go on Siri but it is nowhere to be found. When you hold down the Home button it brings up the old Voice Control menu?


Any idea what's happened, why and how I can fix it?


Thanks in advance.

iOS 5
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    From what I understand and the only advise I can offer is that you do have to enable Siri in an options menu under Settings.  Try searching around the Settings menus to find Siri.


    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the reply but Siri isn't in the Settings menu at all. I'm getting frustrated here.

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    Same here, had iphone 4 with ios5 - plugged in 4S, it restored the whole OS (which was buggy on the 4, eating the battery alive and phone app crashing) instead of just restoring the settings/messages etc and no siri.  Just restoring the new one to factory again now as i don't need a new phone with a buggy OS version

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    Oh ****, I didn't realise Siri was under General in Settings, so I thought it had completely gone missing. Sorry for that and thanks for the replies. What a donkey I am haha.

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    For some reason when you first get the 4S Siri is automatically 'On' but if you restore then it's 'Off'. No idea why, but that's how it is.

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    I did the same thing, Siri is a level deeper than Facetime/Safari etc within Settings...you have to then select 'General', and she's show up.


    So Settings-->General-->Siri

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    Right, got to SETTINGS, RESTRICTIONS, I found SIRI was turned off. Turned on and SIRI re-appeared in Settings, General!

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    Siri is missing from my phone too. It was on it. But then I restored my old phone's backup onto it and now it's gone. I restored factory settings. still doesn't show up. I checked under settings > general > (siri doesn't show up there). Also, tried settings > restrictions... siri didn't show up there either. iPhone 4s.

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    I never had SIRI.

    I go to:



    but there is no Siri 

    I checked the entire screen very carefully

    So I have the same problem as reneefromathens

    I can't believe the question was posed on October 27 and no answer.


    I guess my real question is,                  how to I find out how to set up SIRI.

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    Firstly you don't state whether you have a 4S as Siri is only available on the 4S. Try looking in general>settings>Siri and make sure it's turned on. If no joy there look in general>settings>restrictions>Siri and turn it on there. As a last resort try a reset.

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    I have the same problem, although more or less the same period.

    What happens? Yesterday I updated to version 5.1 and should include SIRI in Italian,but nothing appears in the menu settings> general


    To reset you mean, completely reset and set up as a new iPhone without restoring the backup?



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    Did you find out what happened to siri? mine is totaly missing and in neither areas mentioned.! arrr. dame OS

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    I found that even though I had Restrictions turned OFF, I had to turn restrictions ON, then enable Siri, then Turn Restrictions OFF.