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Holidays show in both the mac and iphone calendar, but not on the iCloud calendar. Do these holiday enteries not sync?

iCloud, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I couldn't figure out a way to get iCloud to recognize a subscription calendar that will automatically update. However, this method will get the events in an iCloud calendar from an iCal subscription calendar.


    Right click on the subscription calendar in iCal and Export. It will export to an ics file. Then make a new iCal iCloud calendar by going to iCal > File > New Calendar > iCloud and name the new calendar.


    Then go to File > Import. Import the previously exported ics file and choose to add the events to the newly created iCal iCloud calendar. Uncheck the original subscription calendar in iCal so it doesn't display double entries.

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    A good suggestion, doesn't work for me for whatever reason.  I'm having a growing frustration with iCloud on a daily basis.  I've reformatted my laptop and today my desktop, hopefully that will solve the problems with syncing.  I lost everything on my iCal, missing my old school appointment notebook right now in a big way.

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    The only way I was able to list holidays was to use an Outlook calendar which overlays on the iCloud calendar (using the iCloud Outlook add on). Then the holidays appeared on the iPhone (unless it was on the iPhone separately), but my Icloud calendar gives no indication of holidays nor does is give any information about how to show holidays.  Let me know if you can figure this out if it is a systemwide Applewide issue so I can quit trying to fix this out.  Thanks

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    This worked very well for me, thank you.



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    It doesnt work, I tried it and I only get an unending streaming of importing ical data - which never finishes.

    So I end up having to force quit ical import.

    How long should this take? Its been 5 minutes.

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    Okay I figured out an important step you didnt mention

    dont export ical calendar

    right click on the US holiday subscription and press export

    then do the rest and it will prompt you which calendar to add it to and then you can select the new one your created and rename it us holidays

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    Thanks!  This worked for me.