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My iPhone 4 and my Plantronics Voyager pro plus headset were working fine untill I upgraded my iPhone OS to 5.0

I tries turning both devices on and off but no luck. The headset doesnt even show up in the bluetooth devices list. I tried pairing my headset with my buddy's android phone and it works fine, infact it worked fine with my iPhone 4 and OS 4.x and I have been using it since last 6 months.

Any solution for this issue?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I am having the same issue.  Is this an IOS 5 problem that will be resolved?  Does anyone know if other bluetooh headsets are having this problem?




    iphone 4 iOS 5

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    Same here....my Bose earbud was working fine on my 3G with ios4, but I can not get iphone 4s to even find earbud on my phone or my wifes phone.   This is not a good way to start off with the new 4s and ios5.  These kind of problems should never be seen on a new release whether it be hardware or software.

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    Ditto ... I tried a "hard reset" on my iphone 4s and it still hasn't found my Plantronics Voyager Pro headset. I also turned the headset on and off. I also made sure my headset was fully charged before turning it back on and making it "discoverable" - all failed. I hope someone has a solution soon.

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    I'm having a similar issue with my plantronics blue tooth.  Not sure if the model # is Discover 925 or a different # (looks like it), but I make sure it's on and ready to be discovered, blue tooth is set to on in settings/general, devices is searching (now discoverable), and nothing else happens.  I have been unable to get the iphone 4s to recognize the device, let alone get the 2 to pair, so I can use the plantronics blue tooth.  Had no problem pairing with Motorola Droid (1st edition)

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    Ok, for those of you who have a Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth headset, I got a connection/"pairing". This is what I did:


    1) I turned off my bluetooth headset.

    2) Go to Settings in iPhone and turn "on" your bluetooth so that it is searching ...

    3) Then I turned on the headset until I saw the blue light, AND CONTINUED to HOLD DOWN the on/off switch until the blue light was FLASHING.

    4) The "pairing" took place during the flashing.


    Holding down the power button on your Voyager Pro headeset acts like as a "hard reset", and starts a "new" search for a new device or new software, in this case it's iOS5 or your new iPhone, or both.


    Before doing the steps above my iMac (desktop computer) had the same problem of not "discovering" my bluetooth headset. But after I did the steps, I set my iMac to "discover mode" and the "pairing" between these two devices was successful.


    OTHER bluetooth headsets

    Try doing a "hard reset" on your bluetooth device, if you are trying to connect with an iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer that is running iOS5 or Lion.


    The problem seemed that my bluetooth headset was trying to connect with devices that were paired with previous operating systems (ie: iOS4 or Snow Leopard). When I upgraded my operating systems to iOS5 and Lion, my bluetooth needed to "start fresh", hence the "hard reset" on the bluetooth.

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    Yes thats how exactly it worked for me.

    The key is poinit 3 in the above reply. Keep pressing power button even after it says power on and then it resets it and then the phone recognizes it.

    Thanks allenski!

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    Worked for me. Played with "fixes" suggested by others for several hours. Followed all 3 steps as stated above and was able to pair 2 stereo headsets immediately.  These 3 simple steps solved the problem.

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    Thanks Allenski. I have a different headset and unfortunately the 3 step protocol didn't fully work for me. I have an iPhone 4 and a Motorola H520 Bluetooth headset. I follow the 3 steps and the phone recognizes the headset but I have to repeat the whole 3 steps every time I switch the headset on. Any suggestions?

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    Hi josefromdc,

    Assuming your pairing was successful according to your post (the iPhone recognized your bluetooth and you selected your bluetooth in the iPhone bluetooth settings under "devices"), you shouldn't have to repeat the steps. Make sure you select your bluetooth model listing once it shows up under "devices". After you select your device, when your bluetooth is on and in range of your iPhone, the pairing is automatic.

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    Hi allenski,


    Pairing is successful, bluetooth device is correcty selected and it works fine the first time I connect but once I swithch the device OFF and later I come back ON it doesn't connect automatically and therefore I have to repeat all steps again.

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    Thanks. It worked for me!