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Lost 9 of 10 Calendars in upgrade to 10.7.2.  Have archived backup (.icbu) which will restore to that date nad time.  However, as soon as you turn on internet access, the restore disappears.  iCloud sync to Calendar is turned off.  How do you fool 10.7.2 to accept the iCal restore and subsequent sync with iCloud?

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    I had a similar problem when I turned on calendar synching to iCloud and then later deleted the calendars in iCloud. After that, every time I applied a backup of may calendars in iCal (also using .icbu file), they disappeared in iCal after turning on internet access. The backup file somehow contained the information that the calendars where using iCloud synch, as every time in iCal in the menu 'iCal', 'Preferences...', 'Accounts' there was again my iCloud account even if I deleted it before applying the backup.


    Here is what I did to solve this for me, maybe this can give you some hints and help you:


    • create a backup of all iCal data by using the menu 'File', 'Export', 'iCal Archive...'
    • delete all calendars in iCloud (using website icloud.com)
    • disable iCloud calendar synch in 'System Preferences', 'iCloud', uncheck 'Calendars' and let it delete all calendars on your Mac
    • turn off internet access on your computer
    • apply created backup of .icbu file in iCal (menu 'File', 'Import', 'Import...')
    • (my calendars appeared again in iCal but all had the type 'iCloud' calendar)
    • export every iCloud type calendar individually (right click on the calendar in the calendar list popup and use 'Export...' giving you a .ics file for every calendar)
    • delete all iCloud type calendars in iCal
    • recreate all calendars in iCal (menu 'File', 'New Calendar') but make sure the type of the calendar is 'On My Mac'
    • import calendar data for every calendar by using the menu 'File', 'Import', 'Import...' and then selecting the previously exported .ics file; select the destination calendar the .ics file belonges to
    • create again a backup of all iCal data by using the menu 'File', 'Export', 'iCal Archive...'
    • turn on internet access on your computer


    Now I had all my calendars again, but I did NOT turn on iCloud calendar synch again, as I didn't dare to try it again. If you like you can go on here and try it ;-)


    Regards and good luck


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    Thank you Michael.  By logging out of iCloud and then logging in again, iCloud upgraded my calendars and restored them to iCloud and to iCal. I performed your carefully outlined steps twice before adding that step.  I think I had some errors and the out/in allowed the correction.

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    I had a problem with seeing double of the same calendars so as I was deleting the extra one, the entire calendar was deleted!  Thank you Michael for your steps above.  After frantic searching and trying other posts in the help forums, yours is the one that worked like a charm.  Thank you!!

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    I'm happy that I could help you ;-)


    Regards, Michael

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    I have no words to thank you for the precise instructions! I was able to get all my calendars back! You literally saved my year!


    I found a way of sending the events back to iCloud without erasing everything on my iCal here. Hope this is of some help.





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    Hi Daniel


    You're welcome ;-)


    What I learned from this is to do regular backups of all my calendars (menu 'File', 'Export', 'iCal Archive...') and store the archive file in a safe place.


    Have a nice weekend,


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    Thank you Michael,

    I really did not want to use Icloud for Contacts etc, When I discovered Maverick did not allow direct sync from Mac to Iphone.  I thought I would experiment with Ical (less critical - personally)  only to discover it was a one way street. Now, a couple of hours later I am more or less back where I was. 


    I guess from now on I will be doing updates to contacts on both the Mac and the Iphone. 


    I wonder whose bright idea that was?