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I've restored my new iPhone 4S from iCloud and plugged it into my computer to sync over the apps so they wouldnt have to redownload via iCloud. Hit the initial ok dialogue button, which had an auto-sync apps option checkmarked under it (this was the only dialogue option and only checkmark). Now iTunes wants to reload all apps and erase app data.


The phone is peforming as expected, downloading the apps one-by-one from iCloud, however, I won't be able to sync the phone, as leaving apps sync checked will rewrite all apps (erasing app data and adding apps I don't want on my phone), and unchecking apps sync will delete all apps from the phone. I've tried removing the ~/Library/iTunes/ folder, hoping it would force iTunes to re-initialize the sync config. This didn't help at all.


Any suggestions? I really don't want to re-restore from iCloud, but thinking I'm gonna have to and hope that not checking the auto-sync apps (when the phone is plugged in for the first time) will fix the issue. It's rather mindnumbing that there doesn't appear to be a less painful option for the simple task of setting up a new device from an old device iCloud backup. Thanks in advance and I apologize if this is hard to follow.