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My wife has iOS 5 set up on her iPad 2 (3G + wi-fi) and iPhone 3GS. iMessage is set up on both devices (assciated to her email address on the iPad and email/phone number on the iPhone).


I'm running iOS 5 on an iPhone as well, and iMessage is associated to both my email address & phone number.


She has no problem sending iMessages to me from either of her devices, but when I try and reply (or send a new iMessage) to her, I get an error saying the message couldn't be delivered. The weird thing is, she receives the message on both her iPhone and iPad (as she then replies to the message I sent).


So, from my point of view, my messages aren't being delivered, but to her, everything is normal and she's receiving my messages.


I've tried resetting (restore in iTunes, back to factory) all three devices, but it continues to happen.


Anyone have any suggestions?




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