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So this has been happening for months now. I was expecting iOS 5 to fix it, but it hasn't. Push notifications for specific apps do not work. Some come through just fine, but Facebook and Google+ in particular don't work correctly. Facebook push notifications seem to work when the notification is generated from an action performed on a mobile device (ie: someone writes on my wall from another iPhone); if they do the same thing on the desktop, the notification doesn't seem to come through.


As for Google+, I've never seen a single push notification come through as it should, even though I've seen other iPhones with the same app reciving these notifications with no issue.


This is particularly strange because the badge on the app icon usually updates (though it feels like fetch, not push), but the notifications simply don't make it into the notification center (or on the lock screen as they should). As I said, this has been happening for months, long before iOS 5, and the problem has persisted now that I'm running iOS 5.


I've checked and rechecked all notifiation settings for these apps. I've uninstalled and reinstalled them. I've called Apple support and they couldn't offer me any help. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?


Thanks for your time.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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