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Ok, I need help with a few issues, please help!




Firstly i have the new white iphone 4S, and once i take a picture with the flash turned on, the flash leaks through the whole case, you would think there was a light behind the white glass! and it makes my photo's very washed out looking.

Also when i take a video, the camera appears to have zoomed up too close to the subject that i am recording, and yes i checked its not zoomed in.


Also, were i live i only have on average 2-3 bars of signal, that is when im not holding my new iphone, but i bought this iphone 4S  hoping it would resolve my antenna problems on the Iphone 4, but its exactly the same, once i hold my hand around the metal band my signal drops, to a point were it says no service.


Also whenever i cover the proximity sensor with my fingers to check if its working, the screen doesnt dim/sleep ??


What should i do??


any help is greatly appreciated.

iPhone 4S , iOS 5, 16GB, White
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    thats sad. take it to the apple store right away. First issue surely looks like a manufacturing defect.

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    yeah i know, im pretty disappointed, but the thing is, i just travelled over 100 miles to get to and from the apple store, i dont know what to do, im just wondering is anyone elses white iphone 4S ' in the uk' having these problems?

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    Did you take the plastic off the back?


    The proximity sensor only shuts the screen off when on a call or listening to voicemail.

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    yeah i have taken it off, images and videos look ok outside when its bright as i dont have to use the flash, but when i use video recording indoors it looks grainy and very zoomed in.


    ahh never knew that, thanks

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    I have the white iPhone and I had the exact same issue- had to take it in to Apple store and they replaced the phone on the spot (I live in the Washington DC area).  My mum has the same phone and I noticed yesterday that her phone does the same thing mine did so she'll have to take it in as well.  The technician told me that when he ran a diagnostic test, there was "light bleeding in to the lens".  Initially he was just going to replace the camera in the phone but then he said that would take too long so he just gave me a new one.  The new one (also white) is now taking great pictures in dim light.


    Hope this helps!

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    I got my white iPhone 4S 64gb on Oct14 via ATT pre-order.  At first the camera (flash pictures) were great.

    then one day it was making a overbright crest shape on the left edge (ruining the left edge of the picture) 

    So when I researched the white iPhone light leaking through the white and translucent glass... I was going to go and exchange for a black iPhone 4S 64.  But the day I was going to return it I started testing it again and the problem went away.   As an engineer that tells me it cannot be the light leaking issue or else it would be a 100% occurance.  I think there are shutter issues.  I've been taking a lot of pictures just to see if it is an intermittent problem.  It still has not occured again.

    However, I bought a case rubber/plastic case (called the Transformer - I guess it's more than meets the eye) by i-Blason that has a popout stand. (sold on Amazon.com) I like the case but it is not functional because even though there is a cut out hole that completely clears (does not obstruct) the camera and LED flash... it causes 100% of flash pictures to be white and washed out (as you are describing) and sometimes even creates a lens flare.  As if the LED flash is so bright, it's bouncing off the opening. (the manufactured hole for the camera and LED flash.  


    As for any antenna issues, etc... NONE.  I came from an iPhone 3GS and at my house it had very poor reception and dropped calls left and right.  My 4S has anywhere from 3 bars to full at the house now and have not dropped any calls.

    Side rant: Funny thing around O.C. in Southern California (as far as AT&T) is - you have million++ dollar homes and crappy cellphone reception. And then you drive around to non-upscale areas and you get full bars!  I don't get it!