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  • Aepple Level 1 Level 1

    After going into settings and adjusting Notifications and Apps in the Notification Center, and merging MobileMe into iCloud and making sure MobileMe is Disable my Battery life was extended.


    Before bedtime....


    I tested my battery by charging my iphone 4 to 100%, close all previous viewed Apps, then powering down and remain charging my phone for another half hour, and powering it back on and disconnecting it from the charger before bedtime. When i awoke 7 hours (Approx) i checked my phone and it was still on 100%, i didn't get any calls, and only got 5-8 emails.

  • Zippaich Level 1 Level 1

    Followed these instructions on my 3GS


    1- Delete your email account(s) in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Delete Account

    2- Reset Network Settings in Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    3- Reboot your phone by holding the sleep/wake (top) button then sliding to off.

    4- Re-add the email account Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account…

    5- Turn push back on


    And it so far so good. battery consumption is back to normal again. Well slightly higher than on ios 4 but that is to be expected no?


    Am running the iPhone as usual, not disabling anything i didn't do on iOS4.



    Thanks to HayriC

  • sankalp15 Level 1 Level 1

    its funny how turning off apps and features should help.. if i cant use em on a regular basis . why have a smartphone. are they just ter for namesake ..urgghh..APPLE do somin abt the god **** battery consumption

  • JMR Level 2 Level 2

    Resetting network settings didn't do anything for me. Turning off the Stock Widget in Notifications seems to have fixed it, though.

  • Aepple Level 1 Level 1

    The individual user needs to decide what is Useful... and what is Useless on their phones, and make adjustments. I definitly don't need to know the weather conditions on my phone, i watch the weather on TV and i'm good for the day, i don't need it updated like i'm planning the D-Day invasion.


    Decide what you need your phone to Actually Do, and if you need for it to do a lot, then carry a portable energizer battery pack, their small and convient.  

  • normal-thinker Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All


    I notcied the battry draining after upgradng to IOS5.  What I did notice is that a few services I had switched off had been re-enabled.


    So to fix I did the following:

    1 - turn off Bluetooth

    2 - turn of  iCloud - I only intend to use it at home to back stuff up and personally don't need it on 24*7

    3 - settings --> general --> about --> diagnostics and usage --> don't send.  This stops the phone sending data to Apple.  I found this helped a lot in preserving battery life.

    4 - turn off personal hotspot - again I don't need it on 24*7 unless I specifically wish to share my internet connection with others

    5 - turn off location services when not lost  - lets face it, most of us know where we are most of the time...unless its 2am Sunday morning after a heavy Saturday night out

    6 - turn off wi-fi when away from a home network or public wifi hot-spot.  When the phone senses weak or no wifi it will "turn up" the strength of its wifi emissions, using battery life.  I've noticed this with other wifi gadgets.

    7 - Facebook, I keep push notifications limited to messages and wall posts only.  The rest I get when I login to Facebook at home or work - dont tell my boss that though

    8 - screen brightness was turned up to maximum after the upgrade, this will drain battery fast. Turned back down to 50%

  • RakeshPDX Level 1 Level 1

    Update since I last started this thread...


    I have tried everything, restored NW settings, reboots, disabled cloud, ensured all running apps are killed for overnight, disable bluetooth, location, etc. disable diagnostics. I even disabled my iPhone 'alarm' app. Still my iPhone4 dropped from 97% to 50% in 8 hours overnight, doing practically nothing. All email accounts on the phone are set to Fetch with hourly frequency. I have been observing the battery drop is faster at night than in the day time. Any clue?


    This morning, I started disabling any notifications unless important like missed calls, emails, etc. Let us see what happens.


    I don't like to whine, but I am disappointed with the way Apple quality is going down the drain just like other big corporates. This is not something which Apple won't have known from their testing. They still released iOS5 to make that marketing bullet and make investors/analysts happy.



  • delta90h Level 1 Level 1

    Reinstalling ios5 for the fifth time help me.

  • Aepple Level 1 Level 1

    Have you disable MobileMe sync, and is your cell phone signal weak which can drain a battery. I don't have any push notifications for Social networks, if i want to check on updates/posts i do it manually in my Google Plus App. For test purposes try and kill everything except emails, texts overnight, and kill location services, do this just for testing purposes, the only your battery is draining is if you have a battery problem or something/Apps are working on the phone.

  • daefromsacramento Level 1 Level 1

    New owner of 4s here (upgraded from 4). Experiencing same issue with OP. The battery went from 68 to 50 in 6 hrs overnight in standby. I had pretty much everything turned off. With same/similar settings on my 4, I would lose 2-3% overnight.


    Trying to call Apple support now (12 Noon pacific time) but I don't think I can get thru...wait, just go thru but the representative doesn't seem to be aware of the issue (who would've guessed it!!!).


    So, I'm thinking if I have to turn EVERYTHING OFF, what's the point of having a smartphone? The only thing I have not turned off is Siri. I might as well turn that off too.


    I really hope Apple can resolve this issue VERY SOON.

  • Luke126 Level 1 Level 1

    I've noticed a great deal of battery drain since I uped to IOS 5 on my iphone 4.  In fact, in the time it has taken me to search for this topic, I've watched my battery drain 3%. 


    My phone used to last a day and a half, but now I can't get more than 8 hours out of it. 

    I've tried a couple suggestions so far:

    1. I've deleted mail accounts and reset the network settings to factory defaults
    2.  I've turned off iCloud
    3.  I've turned off the stock widget
    4.  I've turned off location-based reminders and most of the location-based apps.

    Anybody have any other suggestions?  It's come to the point where I can barely use this thing like I used to because I'm constantly afraid of killing the battery.

  • Lo0siie7 Level 1 Level 1

    Same has been happening to my phone, killed all my apps including the weather and stock widget, took a 2 hour nap and woke up with 23% battery from 94%

    Something's definitely wrong with this iOS I used to have over 20 hrs of battery life now I have 5 if I don't use it or 3 If I do. Also have you guys noticed that when you charge it it never gets to a full 100%? it gets up to 94% and stops. Pr maybe I'm the only one experiencing this problem -_-

  • gmphap1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm right there with you, this is getting really crazy! I now have an app called System Status. It's showing my CPU is running at about 50%! Looking at the system log there are tons of debug, notice and warnings. Some seem pretty telling, like Unable to cancel system wake and CLTM resetting temps.


    Something is going on, just can't find it.

  • Lo0siie7 Level 1 Level 1

    so this morning i was complaining about the battery issue too. after a night of being on charge with all the apps off i woke up to see it had only gotten to 94% battery (from about 30% in say 8 hours) however the strange part was it had the plug sign in the battery meter (meaning its at full charge) and as i was using my phone while it was still on charge i could see the battery life going down. i unplugged it and plugged it back in and slowly (30 mins) it went from 94 to 100% for the first time since tuesday (when i upgraded to ios5). i know this because i checked the usage many times during the week and oddly enough it had no data because my phone had never gotten to the full 100%....that being said today was the first time i actually had 100% charge and to my surprise the battery life is back to normal losing about 5% or so every hour with use and losing none without use.


    that being said, next time you charge your phones pay attention to the battery percentage. dont let that big green battery on the home screen fool you make sure you look at the actual percentage. also if you unplug it and it goes from 100% to say 98 or 97 then its not full yet plug it in again and wait a couple minutes.

    i dont think the drainage has to do with the apps running



    sorry for the long *** paragraph but hopefully this helps you guys

  • KC7GNM Level 4 Level 4

    Why don't you charge it overnight?  I see a lot of you leave it off the charger overnight. Don't see why you guys don't charge it overnight.

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