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  • Eitelgj Level 1 Level 1

    . I started having a similar issue yesterday Feb 24, 2012. Both my iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS started draining very rapidly. Example, ipad2 was 100% this morning  at 8am, with no apps open/running and the iPad not being used, it was at 42% battery 10:30 am. I have only turned the iPad on once to search for this issue and submit this post. On the same day my iPhone 3GS completely drained its battery 2 times in one day with very minimal usage (5 mins in mail) and a 2 min phone call. The only changes I made were updating apps from the AppStore .. Any help is appreciated!

  • jamesst20 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah well it seems that making a full restore using iTunes and NOT restoring back with a backup fix the issue. I know it ***** because it erases everything but at least you can keep your contacts and some other things with iCloud

  • venscott Level 1 Level 1

    Wish I had done my homework before updating to iOS5 on my iPhone 3GS. Didn't know there was a battery drain issue.  After loading 5.0.1, I was surprised to find my phone had shut itself off due to low battery after being fully charged 4 hours earlier.  I had only used the phone once to download a small app.  There were no apps running in the background.  The phone became quite warm to the touch also.  After readiing some blogs on the issue, I tried deleting my email accounts and resetting network connections, but with no improvement.  One blogger suggested that if you're having this problem, there must be an app at fault.  Not wanting to try to isolate the bad app, I tried the obvious solution and DELETED MY ICLOUD ACCOUNT.  That did the trick.  My phone is back to normal now.  Hey Apple, you're missing a great opportunity:  You should market iCloud as a handwamer app for the iPhone.

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    I found an iPhone app called Boost Magic (I think it cost 69p in the UK App Store) works really well and improves the life of the battery

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    I had the same battery drain issues as many of you (which became worse after 5.0.1 upgrade), but I also found out that I ran out of my data limit without actually using it (at least, not more than usual, when I could never reach even 50% of my 200 mb limit). To avoid extra charges, I switched my 3G and Cellular Data (Settings --> General --> Network) and now I am loosing about 1% an hour, as before the iOS 5 upgrade.

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    As I mentioned on 27 Feb 2012, I solved the battery drain issue when running iOS 5.0.1 on my iPhone 3GS by deleting the iCloud account.  Now, having downloaded iOS 5.1, I'm back on iCloud and there is no battery drain problem.  Seems that the latest upgrade fixed the battery issue.  Way to go Apple.

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    I let mt iPhone 3gs upgrade to iOS 5.1 via wifi and since then my battery drain problem has rematerialised. ANy one else got same problem

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    Help please! I have a 3gs, upgraded to 5.1.  Now, battery life drains within hours (of no use at all) and i'm receiving notifications from AT&T that i'm over my data limit almost daily. Prior to the upgrade, I never went over my data limit of 200mb.

    I have since deleted icloud (which I had just installed).  My 3g and cellular is off.  I have turned off bluetooth, all of my mail accounts, do not use social media nor web browsing. I have no applications running in the background.  I have been using my phone for talk and text only.  I have done a restore from back up and have also done a restore to factory settings. Nothing has worked. Spoke with AT&T who say that are seeing a ton of data usage from my phone but they can't figure it out either.  I have tried everything that i've seen in the discussion threads but to no avail. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated! Thank you! 

  • christinavt Level 1 Level 1

    Also did a DFU restore and that has also not helped.

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    I have a fix that worked for me. I have both an iPhone4 and the new iPad and both are draining rapidly using iOS5.1. I called Apple support and turned off features to try and find the problem. On both devices I have my corporate email account which uses Microsoft Exchange Server. With this mail account turned on, my battery drains rapidly. When I turn the mail portion off, the devices retain their battery life. I use the exchange account to sync my mail and calendar. I turn the account back on when I am close to a power source. A work around I know, but at least I dont have to re-charge them every 4-5 hours.

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    Removing the Facebook app completely solved my problem. I had my 4s for about 3 month with the latest OS, exchange server, etc. I have all serves turned on and went from dead battery by 6pm (charged overnight) to 85-90% at 10pm.

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    I am just trying to figure out how to fix my battery drain issue. Getting to post on this forum was a nightmare in itself.


    I have OS 5.1.1


    I have just watched my battery go from 95% to 76% in less than an hour. I have removed every App from my phone. I have turned off my mail. Turned off wi-fi. Turned off all notifications. Reset and hard rebooted. Why is my phone still dying in 4-5 hours. I can't even send a text without dropping a percentage point.


    Apple, I am really not happy.

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    Mac OS X

    If you read the thread you posted to, and/or search the forum, you will find solutions.


    BTW, you are not talking to Apple. This is a user to user forum.

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    im new here , i just had my new iphone 4s, im not sure after read all this forum can update to ios 5 or not ,or just keep the current 1.some says update fine, some says even delete all apps n delete i clouds,off wifi bluetooth push notifications, still same . oh my god .

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    Thanks.. This totaly fixed the problem!