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    also i do charge my phone every night so its not like i leave it off charge all night and then complain when the battery dies. i always start with a full charge in the morning and it lasts me about 16 hours or so (or used to till it started to not charge fully)

  • Sjazbec Level 4 Level 4 (1,670 points)

    You must turn off everything that is controlled by "push notifications" ( see each apps settings in Notifications and mostly Email notifications ), Do  not use icloud backups . Disable spotlight search,weather widget, stock ticker and facetime as facetime daemon runs always in background - same for iMessage.


    Also use the restrictions mode to disable itunes ping. For what reason ever ping uses power in the background.


    This helps very much. 20% more battery, also for iPod touch 4.

  • Aepple Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    i don't need iCloud on all the time, if i feel i added photos or something i'll do a icloud back-up. Again i'll state that look at what Useless and what is Useful, then make adjustments to your iPhone.

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    I would like to contribute based on my own experience:


    I was also experiencing fast battery drain (compared to my ip4 on ios4, which lost maybe 3-5% overnight). Upgraded to ip4s and ios5 and noticed significantly faster battery drain (18% overnight).


    Did some research online and there were bunch of other people complaining of this same issue (on ip3gs and ip4 as well so I knew it wasn't ip4s issue).


    Based on what I read, here's what I have done:


    1) If you did "restore" when you upgraded to ios5, do it again and set it up as "new phone". I know this is time consuming but I did it to make sure I didn't leave any stone unturned. Just make sure you back up everything before you do this so you can sync back and get all y our contact, notes, photos, etc.


    2) I did a hard reboot (hold down the power button and home button together till you see the apple logo).


    3) I turned off everything I didn't need from notification and icloud. I still left ON bluetooth, wifi, and bunch of other things like weather and stock widgets.


    With above steps taken, I went to bed last night with 90% battery. When I woke up this morning (8 hrs later), my battery was down to 82% (so lost 8%). Slightly more than my old 4 on ios4 but that's to be expected since ios5 does more.


    Been using the phone lightly during the day and noticed my battery is holding up quite well. It's almost 1pm now and my battery is at 70%. Pretty much close to what I would've got with my old 4.


    I hope this helps someone.

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    Dae, I may have to try what you suggested...


    Some other possible explanations-


    The iOS 5 update has removed the toggle switch between 2G/Edge network and 3G.  I always kept it on 2G as a matter of routine because I got better cell connections here in San Francisco and because the battery life was much better.  I'd only use 3G if I needed to use the internet while away from WiFi.  So no iPhone that is using iOS 5 has this choice and the battery drain is much worse.  Please complain and add to our voices and we can hope the first update will restore the choice.  The speculation is that because Siri will not run on 2G and Apple is rightly proud of it, they do not want to disable the feature.  But a simple popup warning that by switching to 2G only you'd lose Siri would suffice.


    Turn off location services for many of the apps that use it.  You may not need to have it constantly available.


    Turn off WiFi except when you are actually using it.


    Turn off Push for email and instead have it sent to your phone every 15 or 30 minutes.


    These will help battery drain, but not solve it.  This morning I unplugged the phone from the charging cable and in about 40 minutes, with just a few emails sent, I was down to 90% battery.  In that brief a period of time...

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    Turn off as many notifications as you can and also as many location services as possible.  You dont have to turn off all but youd be surprised have much battery time the compass drains.  I guess its always running if On.  This worked for my Iphone4S and my IPad2 after IOS install.

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    After my Iphone 4 upgrade I noticed my battery drained very quickly. Went to settings and in I cloud tuned off mail,contacts,calendars reminders ,bookmarks and notes. Been fine ever sinse

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    3rd Update, since I started this thread...


    Disabling all notifications, reminders, location services, cloud etc. didn't help my cause. 24 hours back, I did a clean restore and left the phone in that state for 1 day, with only native apps installed. None of my apps is on the phone now. No email configured, just a blank phone with my contacts on it. In last 24 hours, the phone has lost 12% battery:). Before this 'experiment', my phone's 'usage time' and 'standby time' were almost showing up at par. That means, some of my installed apps or some OS app is keeping the phone active all the time. Now for last 24 hours of standby time, the usage time is showing as 1.5 hours, which makes sense.


    Since lot of us are having this issue, I feel some of the most commonly used App store apps are preventing the phone from going into standby.

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    What helped for me, was going to Settings > Location Services and then scrolling to bottom and selecting "System Services".  Here I turned of ALL the options, such as "Cell Network Search", "Compass Calibration", "Traffic" etc. Still have my push notifications/email on (I'm sure you can even save more battery by turning this off). This solution worked wonders on my iPhone 3GS...

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    Just keep in mind that a weak/moderate signal on your cell phone can drain a battery inorder to keep connected, the weaker the signal the harder the battery has to work.


    Don't know if it relates to the problem, but we tend to overlook this.

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    My battery drains at a rate of aprox. 12-13% per hour, this is not acceptable.

    I already deleted all mail, iCloud, Exchange, etc. accounts and did a network settings reset but nothing helped.

    My iPhone 4, recently updated to iOS 5, has similar issues. Before the update to iOS 5, battery drain was aprox. 60%...after 12 hours or so. Now it is 10-11% per hour.

    It has something to do with iOS 5.


    Doesn't Apple read this? The internet is full of iPhone 4/4s battery drain complaints.

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    The batteries are probably older on most 3GS phones I would imagine.  The new IOS 5 probably doesn't inherently take more battery power.  It is likely due to automated push or pull services that weren't active in IOS 4. Older batteries combined with new services will cause the symptoms. Disabling the services so that the phone is equivalent to IOS 4 should restore battery life to previous levels.  I upgraded my 3GS (2.5 years old) and things are just fine. 

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    My 3gs is over a year and a half old. I upgraded to ios5 and the battery seems about the same. The first few days it was running down quite quick but its because i was using it more. Also, it doesnt seem to slow down my 3gs at all.

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    Here's what I did when I noticed the battery drain issue:


    1. Turn off Location Services.

    2. Disable Ping

    3. Turn off Bluetooth


    That is the normal that I got used to doing since 4.3.1


    The problem still wasn't totally solved yet:

    1. Turn off Reminders for email account


    That got it!

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    I turned off only some of the location services.  I deleted my email accounts and then added them back one at a time.  So far I am at 34% and approaching 48 hours.  So I think that I have a fix, at least for me for now.

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