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I believe I have found a design problem with iMessage. If you have a contact that has activated iMessage, your iDevice is aware of the status of that contact. Contacts that have activated iMessage, will have an icon that looks like a blue text balloon next to the name,  when the autocomplete window drops as your are entering the contact mane in the "To:" Field.


This is nice, but iMessage/Message on an iPhone then sends the message via iMessage by default. Again nice, but here lies the problem; if you text someone that is in an area void of a data connection but still in a cellular voice connection (e.g. driving on the interstate in many non- metro areas) the text you send will not reach the intended recipient, until the once again reach a date/WiFi connection. iMessage has no ability to switch back to “Text/SMS” so your text sits in queue waiting to be delivered. If the phone is not iMessage capable the text would still be received because Text travels via Voice cellular. The individual that is traveling in the “voice cellular only” area can still send you text, because their iPhone recognizes that it has no data connection and sends the message via text. When you reply they do not receive the reply. You have no option to complete the transmission to your data connection handicapped recipient other than navigating to the settings and shutting of iMessage completely, thus leaving yourself in the lurch with other iMessage devices.

iPhone 4, iOS 5