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  • Indocron Level 1 Level 1

    Still having problems with audio using FaceTime on my iPod touch. Please address the issue, Apple! And yes, Keymusic 88, I have logged a complaint with feedback.

  • lsmkelvin Level 1 Level 1

    I have this issue as well, i just bought the iMac in this week.

    I even tested with using iMovie to record video and the result is ok. (have sound and have image)


    Btw, so quite disappointed with Hong Kong apple support.

    I called to Hong Kong apple support about the facetime sound issue.

    I already told him the MIC is working fine on other program except facetime, but they ask me to check my network. What a stupid question? Of course my network is fine and i used my network to facetime using iphone and ipad for long time ago.

    Really frustrated.


    Hope that Apple can fix this issue ASAP!!!!

  • EachGear Level 1 Level 1

    me 2, I use lion10.7.2 can hear iphone5.0.1 but iphone can't hear lion.

    why? how to solve this problem?

    Is there anyone can help me ?

  • Erinlass Level 1 Level 1

    I'll add my two cents.  I am having the same (though slightly different) issue.  I have a 2009 Mac Mini recently upgraded to Lion.  I am also using the eCamm BT-1 web camera (wired via USB to my Mac Mini) which has a built in Mic. 


    I have successfully done iChat and Skype (audio and video) in the past, although I haven't tried either since completing the OS upgrade to Lion.   I have external speakers connected to my headphone jack on the Mac Mini for audio output (setup in System Preferences as 'Headphones').  Speakers work fine (iTunes, movies, etc. all produce audio through the speakers).


    I've contacted a couple friends through FaceTime from my Mac Mini (called their iPhone).  Video is enabled at both ends and they can hear me, but no audio comes through on my side.  FaceTime Audio In is set to my BT-1 camera, and this seems to work because those I have called said they can hear me.  I don't see anything in FaceTime preferences to adjust/change the audio out, and although it is set correctly in System Preferences, I cannot hear anything on my end (too bad I don't know how to read lips).


    I have not contacted Apple about this yet, but plan to do so.  Will post any suggestions I get from them


  • jimmyb12015 Level 1 Level 1

    My wife is having the same issue. On my MacAir I don't have the the problem. It's only on her iPad2. She's called 2 times but so far it fixes for awhile then cuts out the sound on her side. I t is not the mic on her side only the sound(speakers).

    She said she will call tomorrow.

  • buttmonki Level 1 Level 1

    Are you sure it's her side and not yours.  Most of these problems are with the microphone on the Macbook/iMac not working and if her sound is not working it is possible it is actually your microphone not working rather than her sound?

  • richardbranson Level 1 Level 1

    No , most of these problems are due to the facetime program. We have 2 ipads, 2 imacs, macbook pro, macbook air and 2 x iphone 4s and it does it on all of them intermittently (also interchanged modems and opening ports changes nothing) iChat works fine on the macs. Apple just need to get off their arses

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    Last night I invested 40 minutes with Apple support regarding my IPad 2 having no sound from an incoming IPhone 4 FaceTime call and the best they could suggest was a visit to an Apple Store where they say they can replace my IPad 2.  We tried all the obvious steps like microphones muted and correct email addresses etc. They acted like they never heard about such a problem. The matter was escalated to a supervisor who informed me that he wanted to backup my IPad 2 and reinstall everything. My IOS was updated just minutes before the call so that seemed pointless. I suggested that someone actually call me from Apple support using an IPhone 4. Why not get right to it. After 10 minutes more on hold I was told they couldn't do that. So now I have to make an appointment at an Apple store and invest a half a day of my life to hear a FaceTime call. Come on Apple you're much better than this.

  • jimmieanna Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sam, I tip my "virtual" hat to you. Dealing with these folks can be maddening. I don't have the patience left in me anymore. Why is this so hard to get through to these folks, don't ANY OF THEM use facetime? Or do they see us as a fringe group, who don't garner their attention. People have been writing in to this one forum for months, and I am sure there are many others who just let it go. The reason I was moved to reply to you, when you actually came up with  a "easy idea" they tell you they "can't call you"? What???  I have had this problem with facetime for months, and no one from Apple can see that it has a problem? No one? I don't believe that anymore. It began on my MacBook Pro almost as soon as I installed the app. I later bought the app, even though sound issue was un-nerving, my brother and I still try to use it, he lives in California, and I live in Virginia, and we never see each other unless we use video formats. Google works ok, skype is another one, but the facetime app, which located right there on both our Apple products would be so much more convient. Just had to say thank you! I hope you get some kind of info during you dealing with them. They get paid to talk with you, we pay them for this? shez? jimmieanna

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    This forum is an Apple Support Community Forum. Sometimes members of the community can share problems and solutions and you can solve problems faster than a call to Apple. I really don't think this is a hardware problem. To date there are over 4700 views on this topic. Somebody at Apple knows there is a problem. If I can work in a visit to an Apple store into my schedule and they have a hardware solution I will report back but you are correct, they get paid to provide tech support. We are expected to provide our time for free. My Ipad has a Zagg skin on it and I really don't want a new Ipad 2. I want a solution.

  • broadway al Level 1 Level 1

    They used to be better than this. Back when Apple was treading water just to keep its head above it they bent over backward to show the world what a better OS was all about. Calling them was free and a joy. No more.

    This seems to be a  FACETIME sound problem. I don't believe it has anything  to do with the OS version or the hardware. Is there anyway to uninstall Facetime and reinstall it? So far I've lost my mic on my iMac running Snow, my iPad 2.

    It's not a Comcast issue. I use Verizon highest DSL. Two people I face with are using Verizon FIOS. If it is an Internet subscriber issue why only Facetime? At least for me? I do know someone that has lost her mic during an AIM chat while using her brand new iMac on FIOS.

  • pggirvin Level 1 Level 1

    read this whole thread; wow no solution yet??


    I have been having this problem ever since ios5 came out.  I am having the issue on my macbook pro, which is running current snow leopard, and I only talk to people using ios devices.  I suspect if I upgraded to Lion this problem might go away, but that's just a guess.  Problem is, I have an old NAS that uses Apple Talk, and when I upgraded my mac pro desktop to Lion, all of a sudden I couldn't see the NAS anymore, so I can't switch the laptop to Lion, or I'll have no way to access the old NAS drive.  It seems Apple has deprecated support of the old apple talk protocol in Lion, you see.


    sooooo, my guess is that this is a cross-os compatibility problem.  I'll call Apple tomorrow and see how far I get.  Thanks everyone for posting.  This is a real problem.

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    I found out that it is definetly the FaceTime App that is causing the sound to drop out. My wife's iPad/Facetime has the drop out and last time when it happened I asked her to shut down restart, it didn't fix it. I had her then close the facetime and switch to SKYPE and the sound and video worked great!!!!.

    That should indicate that APPLE doesn't want to tell us that the Facetime App is malfunctioning.

    I don't know how to tell them but they need to be made aware if the problem.

    Any Ideas? Is there any Apple GURU'S out there?????

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  • SamWernick Level 1 Level 1

    I apologize in advance. I know this may sound a bit irreverent, but perhaps we could all join hands and perform a seance. Of course we can't use FaceTime because the responses of the receiving party would not be heard.

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