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    I have some info that may be leading to a small breakthrough.


    First of all, even though I didn't start this thread (thanks to jennhawaii for that), I want to thank everyone here for keeping it pretty civil.  We're all justified in making this a rant fest against Apple, but that's probably not going to help fix this FaceTime problem. Also, I'm sure most, if not all of us here love Apple products and we want them to keep getting better. (Although I'd be much happier if the products weren't manufactured in Chinese sweat shops, but that's a subject for a different thread...)


    So, it seems I'm the only one here so far lucky enough to be in regular contact with a senior tech, who is in regular contact with the engineers. I had sent him data awhile back that I captured with the Capture Data app that he sent me.  He sent my data to the engineers and got a report back from them that it showed that while I was using FaceTime, I switched from the built in mic on my MacBook Pro, to iPhone earbuds with the mic. Well of course I didn't actually do that.  I do have iPhone earbuds with the mic, but they have never been plugged into my MacBook.  I had nothing plugged into my MB other than the power cord. The data was showing erroneous info about a mic that didn't exist, which would explain why the sound input cut out at the moment it thought I had switched mics. Now, why FaceTime thought this happened, of course, is still a mystery, but hopefully this is at least a starting point towards a diagnosis.


    I thought that since that info is connected with my case, I would give the case number here, and maybe you can all reference it when you contact Apple. The case number is 266130739, and my name is Jim T. They probably won't need my last name, that should be enough to confirm that it's my case. I don't know if this will help but it's worth a try.

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    That sounds very interesting. I hope the engineers can sort it out so tech support stops sending us to Apple stores to solve the problem. We love our Apple products. Most of us probably have more than one. I was sent the follow up survey Apple usually sends after a support call and elaborated on the problem. Don't know who is reading the input but hopefully someone will eventually pick up a phone and call me to discuss the problem as the front line support and the next tier of supervisors are busy with every other issue. At this time I can't use FaceTime.  Thanks for jumping in and please let us know if you hear any other feedback as I am not sure Apple will announce that a non existent problem might have been fixed

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    I'm sure most of us take the time when Facetime loses the mic to go to system preferences and look at "SOUND"

    and watch the volume bar move when talking into the input settings?

    Everytime my mic has failed my settings show the internal mike is working. Of course on the iPad there isn't any dynamic way to see but if the problem exists on the iPad and iMacs and Powermacs using FIOS and Verizon and Comcast we can assume it's a Facetime issue.

    One friend has lost her sound using iChat with me and her brother but she is running a new iMac on Lion and I have Facetimed her on that mac so perhaps Facetime corrupts.

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    We had flawless performance from the beta, received the upgrade notice, beta soon quit working, and so we bought the app through iTunes. We are using an iPod Touch, ios5, in New England, talking to an iMac on Snow Leopard in California. Typically we start a session, and then a few minutes into it the sound cuts out and we can no longer hear the sound from the iMac end. The iMac person can hear us fine. This happens no matter who calls who.


    We created a work around. We talk until the FaceTime sound quits, and then one of us dials the other on our land line so that we can both talk on the phone, and see each other at the same time using FaceTime.

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    Forget about replying to Apple about this issue. I spent thirty precious minutes on the phone to the third level tech to finally get cut off. They are avoiding this issue as if it was the plague. Now that they are the number one company and getting rich as ****, they no longer give a **** about those us that supported them all through the years.


    The best solution: Switch to Skype. Better and more lucid performance without any sound issues ever. Good night and good luck.

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    Same here.  It's SL related as this doesn't happen for me in Lion.  But I don't know what the solution is???

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    Trying to use FaceTime between an iMac with Lion and an iPhone 4s and sound works for about 5sec then mutes never to come back. Very annoying.


    It all sounds nice and beautiful in theory but when you actually try and use many of these new Apple's lovely offerings all you get is frustration from trying to use something that doesn't work. It happened with iCloud, I was delighted to finally have all my stuff synced and then I went there and found that stuff just doesn't work and even what works is very limited. Apple, if you could just do what you can do properly and keep the rest in your labs.

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    Great idea... I'm going to try it now.  Many of Apple's bugs seem to reside in their .plist files.  If I have stable success, I will post.

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    For a while today I  could hear sound on face time on my MacBook Pro using head phones but that did not last long. Now I have a new problem I can't call out with face time. Keep getting message the person I am trying to reach is not connected. However they can call me which does no good still because I can not hear them.

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    A few weeks back, there was a post about playing music in the background so that the noise cancelling software (or some hypothesis like that) would not butt in and shut off the sound on the iPhone end.  I have been using this technique on my MacBook Pro (latest 10.6 version) and that technique DOES WORK and have not had the problem since.  Hopefully, Apple will get around to figuring this one out and not have users have to clug up a solution.

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    I noticed now that when I change the audio input source (during an active call) sound comes back but only for a few seconds then dies off again. So if you keep switching between the sources you could be able to hear the other person. Beautiful and elegant solution, ain't it?


    Why doesn't anyone come in here and officially confirm at least that they found the problem and are working on a fix? Seems impossible to me that Apple would let such an obvious and annoying issue linger on for many months.

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    I know we are all desperate about this annoying issue. I have made an appointment to speak later in the week, and hopefully my secondary post will be one with a solution. Lets hope this is the answer to our prayers. I think we have their attention now!!!


    (I also sent a link to this forum in my email)


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    Sounds good. Maybe you can also reference my case number because I think that I'm the only one posting on here who's been in contact with the engineers, and have sent them some captured data from my computer. My case number is 266130739.

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    I hope you finally nailed this. If you did we should all name an ipad after you for respect.

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    I can't believe they haven't fixed this problem!! 


    Every time we use Facetime between my iMac and my daughter's iPad2 the sound drops off after a few minutes on the iPad.  I can still hear her on my iMac, but she has no sound at all on the iPad.  If we hang up and call again their is still no sound.  She can then call me on my iPhone and it will work.


    Facetime did work just fine a few months ago, but then it just started to have this sound problem (was it caused by an update???).  This makes the product worthless!


    I am anxious to hear what Mr Cook has to say.

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