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  • macdrgn Level 1 (5 points)

    Did the hard reset, full restore as a new phone, everything that was suggested in every article I could find. The wifi is definitely the issue. My iphone 4 doesn't have the issue on my wifi network, even after the upgrade to IOS5. Very odd. I posted a new thread about it to see if anyone else has had the issue.

  • Peter Galvin Level 1 (25 points)

    Sure sounds like a HW problem.  To be more sure you might try doing a "restore" but don't refresh via any backups. Essentially make it a default new iphone 4s without any of your content or settings. If it still drops wifi then Apple should fix it for you (i.e. warrantee replacement phone).

  • ktai Level 1 (0 points)

    My white Iphone 4s 32G gets hot as well and battery drains fast even at idle. Still not exactly sure what is the cause. My wife black one seems to be fine.

  • macdrgn Level 1 (5 points)

    last resort I reset my router and then redid everything again. Now it seems to be holding the connection. Battery drain has gone down significantly.

  • ktai Level 1 (0 points)

    I just had an instance that my iPhone 4s all of sudden getting hot in my shirt pocket while idle (no app was runnig at all). The only thing I noticed was it switched from wi-fi to 3G when I took it out from my pocket to check. Maybe it was caused by switching back-and-ford between 3G and wi-fi due to the weak 3G and Wi-fi signals where I am at. Does anyone have the same issue?

  • Chr1stLike Level 1 (5 points)

    No! it should not get hot unless you have a defective iphone.

  • Chr1stLike Level 1 (5 points)

    For my case, I did a restore an that pretty much fixed the overheating problem. It still gets warmer than my iphone 4 while doing the same task and my battery gets drain very quickly. I will do another restore today because I am getting static while on a phone call that gets fixed by hanging up and dialing again. If this doesn't get fixed, I will go return it tomorrow.

  • Chr1stLike Level 1 (5 points)

    Soft reset does nothing to the overheating problem. A restore might help but if it gets hot while the iphone is doing nothing than most likely is hardware issue.

  • Chr1stLike Level 1 (5 points)

    it seams to be a problem with the white model only!

  • maxscottdog Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear all, have iphone 4s white 32GB


    noticed immediately the considerable reduction in battery life and had to actually start to manage my usage. However still while at the IPEXPO in London embarrassingly the phone just eventually died. Have turned everything off that may use power, with the only thing run was the push for my business mail. Over night went from 85% to 40%. Any app usage quickly turns the back of the phone to a warm uncomfortable state this is felt through a standard 'clip on the back' type case.


    Without any doubt this is the first Apple product where I have had to limit my workflow and activity on the phone, and has given doubt to my iphones ability. I have personally owned every iPhone device and must say this has been a somewhat disappointing experience thus far.


    Discussions with telephone support will only serve to go through the usual troubleshooting of turning everything off, and to be fair this seems like a back ground software or hardware battery issue. It does bring to mind the time I updated the firmware on my 2011 MacBook Air which then proceeded to heat up like an oven, especially as the product is 80% battery it was a most concerning experience.


    I have meeting with Genius tomorrow, and would expect a fault to be found following usual diagnostics either way a replacement must be forthcoming and/or I will return under the 2 weeks returns policy.


    Like all speech recognition its hit and miss and speech recognition will always in mind be a beta service for many years to come. The moment you have to 'repeat' any command or sentence, the benefit is lost and many know this pain from years of PC use, with the 'repeat the mouse click till it works' syndrome.


    I will update on my findings tomorrow.


    All the best

  • bhall7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maxscottdog, Thanks for this well-thought-out reply. I too have turned off a lot of services and tweaked a lot of settings; however, my iPhone 4S 16GB continues to drain the battery extremely fast, even while the phone is on but idle (and no other apps are running in multitasking), and become inordinately hot. I also reported the issue to Apple phone support and was referred to Let us know what the Genius Bar says. I suspect it's an iOS 5 issue, as other folks who have iPhone 4 phones and have updated to iOS 5 are also seeing this issue. Let's hope for an iOS 5.0.1 update soon, or at least an acknowledgement from Apple.

  • Peter Galvin Level 1 (25 points)

    Please confirm, if you are having ongoing battery problems that you have tried to solve, that you did a

    settings -> general -> reset -> network

    and a hard reboot (not a soft one)


    I have a black 4S and a black 4 both running ios 5 and not having any heating / battery duration issues after doing those things.



  • ErinNYinLondon Level 1 (0 points)

    Using a 32gb white 4s. Tried both the network reset followed by the hard reboot. The heating issue persists.


    After 5 minutes of use the bottom right corner of the phone gets very warm (enough to make my hand sweat or be uncomfortable). The heat is focused around the side band near the sim card slot and on the back of the phone. The issues disappears quickly once the phone is put down and becomes idle. What I find strange is that I can leave wifi on and have my phone set as a mobile hotspot with 2 active connections (laptop and 3gs), apps still open in the background (screen off) and there is no heat issue. Would this mean the issue is related the the screen being in use? (although dimming didn't seem to affect the heat).


    Also having poor battery performance. Minimal use results in 7-8% drain in 30 minutes. If everything is turned off (wireless off and airplane mode on) the performance increases, but is still worse than my 3gs.


    Any other advice or help would be hreatly appreciated. Will be headed to the apple store to see what they have to say early next week and will share any useful guidance I receive.

  • Chr1stLike Level 1 (5 points)

    network reset and hard reset will not fix your problem. You need to do a restore and that fix my problem. If your problem persit then don't worry and take your phone back for a new one. It's easy!

  • maxscottdog Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your kind reply.

    A small update: Charged my phone to 100% then took a long 90min call with my brother (an Android man through and through). The phone itself had wifi and everything else turned off that could potentially drain the battery. After the 90min call the phone showed 75% and phone was not noticeable hotter.

    Taking this ratio it would give an indication that the true 3G talk time would be 360mins or 6 hours. Taking into account that I may not be at the optimal distance from the mast, so power output can be varied, I was still happy to feel this is not the root of the problem.


    More and more I think this is a WIFI issue - the clue to me is iPhone 4S is 9 hours WIFI use, an hour less than the iPhone 4. Now this on the face may not be something to get excited about but for me what is significant is something has change to reduce that down. Especially when you see other indicators like the 3G talk time go up! This logically speaks to me that something in the software has been tweaked to essential move the power around somewhere else. Power is resource after all and essentially the hardware is going to map it where the firmware and the software are instructed to take it (simple terms I know), something in my mind other than just the chip, RAM and Camera has changed. We see more evidence as we know the antenna has changed and it now does some special thing of alternating rx and tx (most do duplex. Not sure I quite understood), however it has ' changed' and more importantly it would stand to reason the pieces of hardware that connect to it i.e. the 3G TX/RX, CDMA, etc and more importantly the WIFI all could have been altered/adapted or upgraded to work with this new antenna.

    As many of the Apps that I see are all trying to connect to network and this is being even more exasperated by iCloud and massively by Photo streaming, syncing and good old Siri, the WIFI (Network) becomes more important and consistently utilized by these devices. I do start to wonder if Apple has taken that one step too far in pushing the 'experience' beyond the capabilities and boundaries of hardware and more importantly battery technology.


    Hope some of these rambilings resonate with some of you.


    As always all the best



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